Saturday, December 30, 2006

ABC for Social Behaviour and Customs in Lithuania

Almost everything can be made by Lithuanians.
Be sure that one ‘No, thank you’ is not enough to refuse another helping.
Cholesterol level is not important for Lithuanians – they adore pork and potatoes.
Drinks which have a liking between Lithuanians are beer, moonshine vodka made of rye and liqueur made of berries.
Even though mainly Catholics, Lithuanians have a few more religions: they worship beer and basketball.
Fishing is the best way for Lithuanian men to spend their leisure time (off course if there is no basketball match on TV).
Good habit to take your shoes off, if you are invited to someone’s house.
Have all type of clothes then you are in Lithuania.
In Lithuania the potato harvest symbolises solidarity and friendship.
Job is also very important – here works even pensioners. It is like a hobby :)
Kaunas is the second city in Lithuania and Klaipėda is the third city and it is the seaport.
Lithuanians think that farming is holy work. :)
Meal for Lithuanians is also very important. We eat almost everything, anytime, anywhere and with anything.
Never forget to check your change if you are buying something in bazaar.
Open people’s hearts by saying Lithuanian words like “Labas”, “Ačiū“, “Ate”.
Palanga is a resort city.
Questions about money are not well-liked.
Rain always starts when you don’t have an umbrella.
Sadly, our countrymen’s are not very happy with their living conditions.
Take tours around Lithuania in all seasons of the year, to see how Lithuanian’s nature changes.
Usual Lithuanians tries to pretend that everything is all-right even it is obvious untruth.
Vilnius is a capital of Lithuania.
Warm-hearted… whatever other says…Lithuanians are warm-hearted even they try to deny it.
Xenophobia is not very often phenomenon.
You have to be very polite.
Zeppellin do not fly in Lithuania it is not a dirigible – it is Lithuanian’s national dish.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry CHRISTMAS to everybody!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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