Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some optimization

A bit different post than previous about Heaven by ichigiku. Today decided to try to make some keyword optimization. It is a bit interesting to see how it is working and if it is really working. there is on the web quite lots of sites saying that choosing appropriate keywords is extremely important. And there is not just one technique how to choose them. This time just added a site description and keywords useing HTML meta tags.
There was some variance because blogger is using xml in there templates, so it is a bit different from HTML. The most important thing is that in XML it is necessary to close all tags.

So this time that's it in short about optimization.

Friday, July 20, 2007

There is a heaven on the earth

There is a heaven on the earth...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's time
to say something. Somebody could believe I have some holiday for ecample in exotic island, where is no internet. It's not true!!! I am at home. A week ago I could say it's so boring, but not now! Some joy came back, and finally something happens. It's so because my attitude changed, I accepted holiday situation as it was. And I am happy :)
i believe my adventures of this summer start!!! Finally I have bicycle...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NIce to hear and from Mmildaite at last:). Hope you are ok in Newcastle..

Ok, this time there will not be any single word (I think so) about technologies..

So if not about technologies, than lets talk about summer. Summer here I would say is quite uninteresting a few past days, lots of rain and clouds. There is no almost nice warn and sunny days. But everyone is saying that there will be some sun..:) so we just need to wait for it...

Everyone became so silent here..Oh, maybe summer holidays is the reason for this :)
Maybe that's it for this time. Waiting for your visit here.

Monday, July 02, 2007

MMildaite is saying HI from NEWCASTLY :) I missed you I missd and this blog. Please, Meras, don't write so much about technologies, I would like to know how is summer going for you and everyone . :)

Not real programs

SANS Internet Storm Center specialists says that they have registered a huge amount of sent emails, which were organized by unknown sorces to make computer-zombie network. Spam emails there about somekind problems in Outlook system and they sugested to download updates to solve that problem. The problem is that these updates are trojans who might open all the way to the computer.
Some various internet sources there writing about this issue. There is no detail information about that how much users have clicked on thse links.

*SANS Internet Storm Center specialistai užfiksavo masinį elektroninių laiškų siuntinėjimą, kurį organizavo nežinomi nusikaltėliai, siekdami sukurti savo kompiuterių-zombių tinklą.
Spam'e pranešama apie Outlook pašto kliente neva aptiktą kritišką spragą, leidžiančią užvaldyti nutolusį kompiuterį. Siūloma atsisiųsti spragos užtaisymą iš Microsoft'o puslapio. Tačiau jei naudotojas paspaus laiške pateiktą nuorodą, į jo kompiuterį bus atsiųstas Trojos arklys – programa, atidaranti „atsarginį įėjimą“ į kompiuterį. Taip sistema tampa dalimi kompiuterių-zombių (botnet) tinklo, kurį kibernusikaltėliai gali naudoti tolesniam brukalų siuntinėjimui, DDoS atakų rengimui ir taip toliau. Pažymėtina, kad laiškuose, neva atsiųstuose Microsoft'o techninės priežiūros tarnybos, nurodoma asmeninė gavėjo informacija, šiuo atveju, paskyros naudotojo vardas, kuriuo buvo įvykdyta pašto dėžutės registracija. Taip padidinama tikimybė, kad naudotojas paspaus nuorodą, vedančią į kenksmingą „pataisymą“.