Saturday, December 30, 2006

ABC for Social Behaviour and Customs in Lithuania

Almost everything can be made by Lithuanians.
Be sure that one ‘No, thank you’ is not enough to refuse another helping.
Cholesterol level is not important for Lithuanians – they adore pork and potatoes.
Drinks which have a liking between Lithuanians are beer, moonshine vodka made of rye and liqueur made of berries.
Even though mainly Catholics, Lithuanians have a few more religions: they worship beer and basketball.
Fishing is the best way for Lithuanian men to spend their leisure time (off course if there is no basketball match on TV).
Good habit to take your shoes off, if you are invited to someone’s house.
Have all type of clothes then you are in Lithuania.
In Lithuania the potato harvest symbolises solidarity and friendship.
Job is also very important – here works even pensioners. It is like a hobby :)
Kaunas is the second city in Lithuania and Klaipėda is the third city and it is the seaport.
Lithuanians think that farming is holy work. :)
Meal for Lithuanians is also very important. We eat almost everything, anytime, anywhere and with anything.
Never forget to check your change if you are buying something in bazaar.
Open people’s hearts by saying Lithuanian words like “Labas”, “Ačiū“, “Ate”.
Palanga is a resort city.
Questions about money are not well-liked.
Rain always starts when you don’t have an umbrella.
Sadly, our countrymen’s are not very happy with their living conditions.
Take tours around Lithuania in all seasons of the year, to see how Lithuanian’s nature changes.
Usual Lithuanians tries to pretend that everything is all-right even it is obvious untruth.
Vilnius is a capital of Lithuania.
Warm-hearted… whatever other says…Lithuanians are warm-hearted even they try to deny it.
Xenophobia is not very often phenomenon.
You have to be very polite.
Zeppellin do not fly in Lithuania it is not a dirigible – it is Lithuanian’s national dish.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry CHRISTMAS to everybody!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

You are always welcome to visit this link and see some my photos!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

When your friend is melancholy...
I don't know what happens. Just I become sad and silent. I don't have patience to answer to questions of others. I don't like to wait for my turn to work with computer. It seems to me my sister does a lot of not important things and it's better she leaves computer to me. And I don't like my grandma's talks about nothing. And I hate heavy clouds of autumn. In such moments I can say a lot of things like that.. And once again I catch myself thinking how hard it's to be far away from persons I love. How hard it's love myself. And how difficult sometimes is to feel happiness in an defective place with imperfect people.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Some work and thoughts

Here is some short summury of one of my works, lately I am spending lots of time on it.

Internet becomes more and more popular, it takes place as information and modern communication mean. On the other hand it is quite new and not much research phenomenon. Because of that this article goal is to systematize information and identify the major difficulties which are faced by Lithuania’s organization in creating there own web sites. It is necessary to touch both technical and communicational aspects, because they are very associated.
Identifying basic tapes of internet sites and basic functions they should perform lets to identify basic categories of difficulties that may rise when organization tries to create a web site or to maintain it. According to research result and statistical data, more and more organizations heads thinks that internet is important for their business and helps to earn more money (TNS Gallup).
Short research about Lithuania’s organizations web sites reveals that there is quite bis number of organizations that uses web sites as electronical business solutions or uses them as big addition to their business. But still there is quite big number of organization that do not have internet sites.

I still working on this article or something like that.

Lots of thanks to Pelene for helping with this task.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Apple With Snow Cap
One more picture from contrastive autumn. I don't need to say usually apples don't have snow on them. Usually we don't have snow in autumn and especially there is not so cold. We had -6 according Celcius, and at night even lower temperature.. Something strange!!!
But now all snow has melted, and there is terrible Lithuanian autumn, when it's so wet and dirty everywhere.. There are no more nice autumn colours. Just grey colour surrrounds..

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hi. Do you have time to play a little bit? :O) I have tried it, and now I can say that:

  • There are 97,490 people in the U.S. with the first name Kristina.
  • Statistically the 530th most popular first name. (tied with 6 other first names)
  • More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Kristina are female.

But my last name is unkown in U.S. :)
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Rose In Snow...
Solo una palabra?

Hoy en iglesia el padre ha hablado sobre amor. Ha preguntado si amor todavia es amor o solo una palabra buena. Yo misma pienso que todavia en el mundo existe amor verdadero. Sin amor no sea el mundo creo...
Y una cosa muy interesante. En homilia el padre ha hablado sobre una investigacion de unos cientificos. Ellos han preguntado a ninios entre 4 y 8 años ¿que es amor? Las respuestas estaban variadas, pero como ha dicho el padre, muy profundas y sinceras. De las que me accuerdo:
  • El amor es cuando mama prepara el cafe a papa y antes de darselo, ella se lo proba a ver si esta bueno o no.
  • El amor es cuando abuela esta enferma y no puede pintar sus uñas de pies y abuelo siempre se las pinta aunqu le duele espalda.
  • El amor es cuando la chica se perfuma, el chico se asperja con liquido de afeitar y luego los dos se olfatean.
  • El amor es cuando papa esta sucio y sudoroso despues de trabajar y mama dice que aun asi, el esta mas guopo que Robert Redford.
  • El amor es cuando tu pasas todo el dia fuera, sin lavarte y el perrito tuyo te lame la cara.

Os gustan estas? Conoceis el amor asi? Espero que si :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy birthday!!!
My baby is already a one-year old hombrecito. It's incredible how rapidly time runs. Not so much time ago he was a little wrinkled infant in my arms. And now mano katinėlis is a lovely smart boy trying to toddle ;)

On the weekend the house was full of children's chearful hubbub and adults' talks. By surprise we had three cakes and only one birthday candle quite like in the story of Astrid Lindgrend about the small boy and his friend Karson :)

And everybody was laughing at the baby when he has tasted champagne brought from Spain by the daddy. I general the tiny likes to drink from a cup. And seeing me with the glass of champagne he wanted to try it and I let to do it. Only one sip and my angel funnily wrinkled his face - it was obviuos he wouldn't ask more at this time :)

I'm a very happy mamma. I have a gold baby. He has a wonderful smile with six teeth, I haven't passed any sleepless night with him and only once he has caught a cold...


God bless all of us.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Two Become One

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A few days ago Lithuania was visited by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Lithuanian media payed a lot of atention to the visit. We had a possibility to hear a lot of stories about Her Majesty The Queen, royal family, monarchy and so on. And it was really interesting. Especially because the Queen made a good showing. Many people were under the impression that first of all she was really nice, sympathetic and warm person. And one signatory ( he had an opportunity to talk with the honorouble guest) on radio interview said that the queen had such a beautiful sky-blue eyes that it's worth to fall in love :)

Personally I was rapturous when Queen Elizabeth II quoted our national anthem in her speech at the Seimas in Vilnius : "May the light and the truth accompany our steps". Check it out:

However, do you think monarchy and the 21st century are compatible things? I sincerely don't know. But those monarchal things associate with romantics, splendour and raise curiosity, aren't they? :)

P.S. If you want to see more photos of the visit you can find some here:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

昔々 /Once upon a time
Once I was in Japan..
Once I took Japanese ceramics classes..
It was a year ago.
Zahir is coming back!!!

Do you remember? Once I've said I was going to read The Zahir,

and I promised to tell you my impressions about the novel. Like I was told it was really love story. And really nice one. And it was from very beginning till the end full of surprises.

He is a writer, she is a journalist. They were married. She has left him without saying nothing. And although he knew she was alive and he loved her, he lived with another one.

They spent a lot of time without each other, without any phone call or e-mail. During that time he wrote a few books. He have met a strange man, who told to him, where his wife was. And while he was beding the another, he understood how much he loved his wife, and that he couldn't live without her.

When the time came, he went to look for her. And he was so in love with her, and he was afraid she didn't love him anymore. But she did. She always loved him, but she wasn't sure about him. However, in the very end of the story she boomed out the news of hers. If you ask what kind of news it is, I say to you - it's better read the story yourself :)

What I've learned from the story was time answered to your questions and could give to you more chances. And if you really love, you can do everything for your beloveds.

So, if you are interesting in the story you can visit this web page:

The Zahir
Have a nice day :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Islandijos varpas"

Na nežinau kaip bus įvertinta, bet vis tik parašysiu gal vieną rašinuką ir lietuvių kalba. Na pabaigoje gal bus ir trumpas angliškas apibendrinimas:).

Tai va... Visai neseniai baigiau skaiyti knygą "Islandijos varpas", knygos autorius yra H.Laksnesas. Tai žymus Islandijos rašytojas, literatūrinės Nobelio premijos laureatas. Galima netgi sutikti nuomonių, kad tai gyvoji pačios Islandijos saga, šios tautos pasididžiavimas.

Haldoras Laksnesas gimė 1902 m. balandžio 23 d. kelių darbininko šeimoje, Reikjavike. Knyga "Islandijos varpas" parašyta maždaug apie 1946 metus.

Knygoje veiksmas vyksta senais laikais, istoriškai sunku gal net būtų tiksliai jį nusakyti. Iš knygoje pateikiamų istorinių detalių galima susidaryti vaizdą, kad tai maždaug tie laikai, kai Islandija priklausė Danijai. Ir vyko gana intensyvus senovinių raštų rinkimas bei perrašymas.

Didžioji knygos veiksmo dalis liečia tris gal galima sakyti įsimintiniausius veikėjus. Vienas iš jų yra išsimokslinęs žmogus ir begalo užsidegęs idėja surinkti visas senasias islandų knygas, kad jos nepražūtų ir liktų ateities kartoms ir kartu parodytų Islandijos didingumą, nors knygoje aprašomu laiku Islandija išgyvena ne pačius geriausius laikus. Kitas svarbus veikėjas yra gerai žinomo ir autoritetingo teisejo dukra, ją sieja glaudūs ryšiai su mokslinguoju knygų rinkėju ir gal kiek kitoks ryšys su kitu veikėju, kurį tuojau ir paminėsiu. Kitas veikėjas yra paprastas islandas Jounas. Knygoje jis nekartą tituluojamas kaip nusikaltėlis, vagis. Taip pat susijęs glaudžiai su anksčiau minėtais žmonėmis.
Sunku trumpai nupasakoti visus knygos įvykius, gal būt pats žiaurias ir nemaloniausias knygos įvykis nutinka pačioje pabaigoje. Didžioji dalis surinktu senovinių islandų knygų buvo saugomos Kopenhagoje. Vieną dieną dėl nevisai aiškių priežasčių Kopenhagą nusiaubė žiaurus daug nuotolių pridaręs gaisras. Jo metu sudegė praktiškai visos sukauptos knygos. Išgelbėta liko viena knyga - Skalda. Knygoje ji aprašoma kaip viena iš seniausių ir vertingiausių islandiškų knygų.
Knygoje dažnai minima ir tokios vietos kaip Altingas ar Skalholtas. Pasitelkus istorines žinias galima sakyti ,kad Islandijoje veikia seniausias pasaulyje parlamentas (Altingas), nes pirmą kartą jis buvo sudarytas dar 930 metais. Pirmoji vyskupija įsteigta 1053 metais Skalholte. Taigi aprašomi dalykai vyksta tikrose, neišgalvotose vietovėse.
Tai būtų toks trumpas pasakojimas apie perskaitytą knygą. Asmeniškai man liko gana neblogas įspūdis, nors pačioje pradžioje buvo gal kiek neįdomu.

And now couple of words in English.
This Short article is about a book "Islandijos varpas" I don't how to tranclate it to English properly, sorry.
This book is about Iceland in old times and also about some people who are living there or doing there various activities like collecting old books about Iceland and trying to safe them from rot.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Welcome our new team member :). Have a nice blogging here :).

Friday, September 29, 2006

Day Trip To Trakai

It was friday (15th of September), we didn't have classes and still good weather!!! So, we decided to have a trip to small town Trakai which is near our current capital. As I mentioned Trakai was very small town, but it's so lovely! Trakai is the old capital (medieval time) and it has wonderful castle!
In my opinion, it would be better to use less words and more pictures! Please, take a look;)

Our trip starded on the train. We had one person among us, who had the very first jurney by train!!!:) He liked it so much!

When we finally arrived to trakai, we were so hungry. So we went to restaurant of traditional Karaites dishes. It was really really good;)

There is a street, where the karaites have been living since the Grand Duke Vytautas (14th century) brought them to Trakai from Crimea. They used to be servant in the castle and Vytautas's bodyguards. This street has distinctive architecture of Karaites.

The old gate in front of the building of Karaites cult (Kenessa)

And finally we have castle!!! It's the only castle of island in East Europe. It is surrounding by lakes.

We are bigger than the castle! hehe.. All together we travelled to trakai that day.

It's me! balancing on the edge..

So nice to touch the ground;)

You can buy some souveniers here...

Trying to climb on the wall hehe

Me again...

While waiting bus to go home in the super market. Baby was tired...


For the first time you can see how Pelene looks like :)

Thanks for visiting our blog and especially for feedback of yours.

I hope in future we will have more discussions here.

Enjoy yourself;)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

An old map

Adding some colors to the blog. I found one historicaly interesting map. Here is a copy of an old map I found on the internet the other night. It is interesting, because here you can see what was Europe like in around 1500. Countries names and there possitions on the map are I would say different from now a days.
One more interesting thing is that it is possible o see that Lithuania is so big, that it reaches even the black see.
Take a look at it:

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Sometimes it seems that it's more easy to live without believing in God. There are so many prohibitions, laws and duties, which it's not only hard to follow, but also sometimes it's hard to understand why it must be like that (for example contraception). An infidel just does what he/she wants and doesn't care about anything. An catholic has a lot of dilemmas.
Besides, it seems that an average human being never can be sure what is wrong and what is right. When you have a doubt it's better to ask to someone who is competent to answer. But sometimes you have no idea that something is wrong to do. For example, to make some kind of yoga. But the worst is that there are some cases when there is no opportunity to repair guilt despite you did something without knowing that it's bad to do.
Just imagine the situation. You are in love with a Muslim, a Buddhist or a person from other religiuos. And firstly you had a marriage according to religious traditions of your partner. Later you want to have a marriage in catholic church (because without it you can't live allowedly with a person you love). And for the first time you hear that it's impossible, because you have already married in the tample of other confession. So, what to do in this case?
It was just a few and I believe very subjective examples. But what I want to say is that theology and canon law are really complicated thing. It's really hard to follow Jesus Christ's teaching. And if you fall in love with somebody of other religion, it's really difficult to find a way to be a good Catholic and to be a correct and fair with a person you love ( I mean that that person wouldn't suffer.)
And one thing more. Is it possible to explain to a free-thinker how much wedding in the church or christening of a baby means to a Catholic? It's quite hard to find any rational arguments to prove it. It's just a feeling that those religiuos sacramentals it's really importan. And I'm not sure if a Catholic can find peace of mind without it...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Friday evening and one movie

This friday was with an evening movie called "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!" after some brake. The movie is released in 2004. It's a story about girl living in West Virginia.
Rosalee has a dream to meat someday her big screen ideal Tad Hamilton. Her dream comes true than she wins a contest - the grand prize: a date with Tad Hamilton. This contest was to make some good impresions about Tad Hamilton after his stormy and wild party. After one evening with Rosalee Tad Hamilton decides that he needs to be with her, he thinks that it would be the perfect chance for him to realize his priorities newly. So the big screen actor moves to West Virginia. Rosalee's is hapy with him, but this event becomes into a nightmare for Pete. Pete is Rosalee's friend for 22 years. After all these years he decides that it is time to tell Rosalee that he is in love with her too.
Fortunately Rosalee realize who's love is true in the end of the film. And big screen actor comes home alone.
More about this movie:

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New updates

That' s true there was some time with no updates in this blog. That is because of some unique events (maybe later I'll write about tham) and because of studies. But today I found some time and even made some new updates to all this blog.
So, today our blog have launched some new features. I think the most important one is that now we have RSS fead. That brings the possibility to all readers to subscribe to this blog and get all the new information from this blog using software for reading syndicated content called a "newsreader". It is one more way to read this blog. According to, atom is a unified publishing standard used for syndication, Syndication means that when you publish your blog, Blogger automatically generates a machine-readable representation of your blog that can be picked up and displayed on other web sites and information aggregation tools.
Also now it is possibility to see how many readers are subscribed to this blog. Unhappily now there is no such readers, but as it is just beginig of this feature I hope that in the future these numbers will be different.
I think that is all the news for this time:).

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Subjective opinion on internet media

i'm sorry for writing in my language, but for the moment i don't have time to translate it...
Internetinė medija lyginant su tradicinėmis medijomis ( knygomis, laikraščiais, audio, video įrašais) yra labai jauna. Nepaisant to, labai sparčiai vystosi, tobulėja, suteikia vis daugiau ir daugiau galimybių vartotojui, ne tik įvairių sričių specialistams, bet ir mėgėjams. Internetinė medija išplečia, papildo, o kartais net suteikia visiškai naujas galimybes vartotojui.
Mano įsitikinimu, pokyčių internetinėje medijoje daugybė, jie vyksta nuolat ir gana sparčiai, todėl visus juos apžvelgti vargu ar įmanoma, ypač ne šios srities specialistui. Tad šis mažas darbelis – subjektyvių pastebėjimų rinkinys apie pokyčius internetinėje medijoje.

Gana naujas reiškinys ne tik Lietuvoje, bet ir visame pasaulyje yra internetiniai dienoraščiai, vadinamieji blog‘ai. Jeigu neklystu, pirmieji internetiniai dienoraščiai, tokie, kokius mes juos matome dabar atsirado 2002 metų pradžioje, po antrojo Irako karo. Lietuvoje jie vis labiau populiarėja, jau turim ir lietuviškus internetinius dienoraščius:, (Lietuvos blog'ai viename puslapyje),,, (profesionalus lietuviškas blogas)
Įdomu tai, kad jau daugiau nei metai savo internetinį dienoraštį rašo Vilniaus meras A. Zuokas ( ), kurį jis vadina savo kampu virtualioje erdvėje ir teigia, jog „toks rašymas yra labai asmeninis, netgi intymus dalykas, kuris kita vertus, yra ir viešas aktas.“
Galbūt ne veltui dažnai internetiniai dienoraščiai laikomi internetinėmis šiukšlėmis, tačiau tai puiki galimybė kiekvienam išsakyti savo poziciją, atskleisti savo įžvalgas, pasidalinti gyvenimiška ir profesine patirtimi, vystyti diskusijas aktualiais ir įdomiais klausimais ne tik su draugais ir pažįstamais, bet ir kolegomis bei bendraminčiais iš viso pasaulio. Užmegzti dialogus tarp politikų ir visuomenės (A. Zuoko blog‘as). Blog‘ų puslapiuose galima ne tik rašyti, bet įdėti ir nuotraukas, video/audio siužetus, įvairias aktualias nuorodas.
Žiniasklaidos užduotis yra užtikrinti galimybę pasisakyti kiekvienam, tačiau dėl įvairių priežasčių (dažnai labai objektyvių), tai ne visada įmanoma. Todėl mano nuomone, internetinis dienoraštis gali būti kaip tik ta terpė, kurioje kiekvienas visuomenės narys gali patenkinti poreikį pasisakyti viešai.

Šiandienos žmogus dažnai girdi nuomonę, jog jei tavęs nėra internete, vadinasi tavęs nėra iš viso. Todėl save gerbiančioms įmonėms, organizacijoms, valstybinėms institucijoms jau ne tik privalu turėti savo internetinę svetainę, bet ir labai svarbu, kokia ta svetainė, nes ji vartotojų sąmonėje sukuria organizacijos įvaizdį. Verslo įmonės, valstybinės institucijos, universitetai, įvairiausios organizacijos, netgi muziejai, atskiri politikai – visi, kurie supranta, kokią galią turi internetas, stengiasi sukurti kuo patrauklesnę, modernesnę, funkcionalesnę, patogesnę savo virtualią buveinę – internetinę svetainę.
Galima sakyti vyksta savotiškos lenktynės tarp internetinių svetainių turėtojų. Vartotojus siekiama pritraukti ne tik įspūdinga grafika, bet ir naudinga patraukliai pateikta daugialype informacija (šalia tekstinės informacijos vis daugiau video, audio informacijos), naudingomis nuorodomis, forumais, komentavimo galimybėmis. Taip pat diegiamos technologijos, kad svetaine galėtų pasinaudoti ir neįgalieji ( pav, ). Svetainės lankytojai viliojami ir įvairiais žaidimais, specialiais puslapiais vaikams ( pav, ).
Kuo daugiau lankytojų svetainėje apsilanko, tuo didesnė nauda organizacijai: ji tampa vis labiau žinoma visuomenėje, didesnė tikimybė, kad vartotojas pirks prekę ar paslaugą, didesni reklamos užsakymai ir t.t. ir pan. Internetinė svetainė smarkiai sumažina organizacijos išlaidas teikti informaciją savo klientams/ vartotojams, o taip pat ir gauti grįžtamąjį ryšį iš vartotojų, kas labai naudinga tolimesniam organizacijos vystymuisi.

Tradicinių žiniakslaidos priemonių versijos internete, o taip pat grynai internetinės žiniasklaidos priemonės atveria daug naujų galimybių tiek informavimo priemonei, tiek vartotojui. Internete neribojama erdvė, čia informacija gali būti atnaujinama 24 valandas per parą, puikios informacijos archyvavimo galimybės. Reklama internetinėse priemonėse daug pigesnė. Hipertekstualumas ir daugialypiškumas labai patrauklus bei patogus vartotojui.

Baigdama savo pamąstymus apie internetinės medijos pokyčius noriu pasidalinti labai asmeniška patirtimi. Gyvenimo aplinkybės susiklostė taip, kad štai jau daugiau nei pusantrų metų su savo širdies draugu daugiausia bendraujame virtualiai. Dažnos kelionės ir skambučiai telefonu į užsienio šalį reikalauja itin daug lėšų. Interneto teikiamos galimybės (skype, MSN messenger, el. pastas) leidžia ne tik sutaupyti, bet ir sukurti tiesioginio bendravimo iliuziją – palyginus nebrangūs kompiuterio priedai (mikrofonas, web kamera) įgalina kalbėtis su toli esančiu žmogumi lyg telefonu, matyti jį lyg jis būtų šalia. Žinoma, visa tai negali atstoti buvimo kartu, bet jei nebūtų interneto ir jo teikiamų galimybių...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

秋の色/Autumn Colours

秋の色/Autumn Colours
Generally I love colours in autumn, I mean colourful leaves of trees. But when I saw Japnese autumn, I just fell in love with it!!! It's so bright, so colourful, actually no rain, and warm enough. Just take a look at my pictures and you will see!

Carpet of dried leaves

Autumn in Kyoto

A look between trunks

Boat behind the tree

Dead leaves in river

Colours of leaves, sky and roof

Autumn in mountains

A fan of leaves

Amazing forms

Colours of Osaka

Rainy day

Very bright colours

Friday, September 08, 2006

Social life and social problems

I Hope this post will not stop discussions about internet media, that is interesting one:).
I guess this post will be something like that, but a bit different, because of it's field. It is interesting for me and I am sure for every one else who is not indifferent to social life and social problems.
You are welcome to leave here your thoughts about any social problem you know in your country or around the world. For example, you can say what you think about inequalities of age and the difficulties of caring for growing numbers of elderly in some societies, crime, violence, drugs, problems of education,
environmental problems, population problems... Or any other that I haven't mention here. Or you may describe how do you understend social problem it's self (that could be like definition of it).
So have a nice time discussioning here. And of course have a nice weekend, it's already starting:)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Internet media

Can you share some ideas about internet media?
What are the most dramatic changes in the field of internet media in recent years in your country (technologies, advertising, market, framework of legality, streams of money, availability, etc.) ? In the whole world? Is media on-line more useful, comfortable and available then traditional media (TV, radio, nespapers, books, etc.) ?
It woul be really great to hear you thougts about it :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

First day studying something new

I had a few days without blogging. I was a bit worried about my future studies. Today was my first day having completly different lectures, comparing them with the ones I was used to have earlier. Thank God I had only one lecture today. It's so oddly enough to start studies after summer holiday. So far I can't say is it good or bad, but I already know, that hard work will be necessary and in these studies (I'll try to do everything i can).
I don't know here almost no lecturers. It is hard to predict or so far to understant what are their opinions about various things happening around or what are thier teaching methods. Thank God my good friends specifically this blog member Pelene did a very huge favour for me, telling me some useful info about some lecturers. I say her a very big THANKS, YOU ARE FANTASTICAL :).
Well, I hope everything will be OK :).

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Šventė ar ne?

Kai dar mokiausi mokykloje, rugsejo pirmaja, nepaisant to, kad niekad nelaukdavau nauju mokslo metu pradzios, pasitikdavau kaip svente. Veliau, bestudijuojant universitete, sventiska nuotaika uzsikreciau tik zengiant i pirma kursa.
Gal ir nenuostabu. Nauja vieta, nauji zmones, nauja tvarka - visai nepazistamas pasaulis. O kur dar jaunatviskas pasididziavimas: "Stai, as jau studente!!!" Kiek daug vilciu ir svajoniu tada siejau su universitetu...
Kitas visas studentiskas rugsejo pirmasias pasitikdavau jau be to sventisko jaudulio. Sunku paaiskinti kodel. Gal tiesiog todel, kad ta diena nebereikejo niekur skubeti: paskaitu dar nera, o klases ar auditorijos i kuria susirinktu mokslo draugai jau nebuvo.
O siandien po keleriu metu pertraukos vel buvau itraukta i sventiska surmuli. Ir vis sau kartojau: "Mokomes ar nesimokom, rugsejo pirmoji - visada svente." Nors dar vakar labai skeptiskai klausiausi sveikinimu ir kalbu apie moksleiviu ir studentu svente...
Siryt kaip visad (pastaruosius 10 menesiu) mane prizadino mano mielas garbiniuotas rudaakis vaikutis. Nors paskutine vasaros diena labiau primine darganota rudens diena, siandien akis ir sirdi vel dziugino saules spinduliai. Tada ir prasidejo mano svente.
Nezinau, gal tai paskutinis kartais, kai rugsejo pirmaja pasitinku tebebudama studente. Gal todel saule sugebejo manyje pazadinti svente. O veliau traukiant i miesta sviete ir automobiliu zibintai, ir mokiniu nublizginti batai, ir jaunos mamos vedancios uz ranku savo atzalas.
Matydama savo pasipuosusius draugus, besisypsancius destytojus, ir is spintu istraukusius savo mantijas universiteto vadovus, dziaugiausi ir as. Grupeles draugu, isimylejusios poreles, susikabinusios geriausios drauges ir pirmus zingznius i mokslo aukstumas zengiantys mokinukai, lydimi teveliu (kazkodel beveik vien mamu: ka i tai atsakytu lygiu galimybiu kontroliere?), - visi spinduliavo dziaugsmu ir pasitikejimu. Matydama visus tuos, regis, is visu miesto pakrasciu susibegusius senamiestin ryztingus ponaicius ir pasidabinusias paneles ir panelytes galutinai isitikinau - siandien svente!!!
TAD VISI BUKIT PASVEIKINTI SU RUGSEJO PIRMAJA! Nesvarbu, kas butumet: mokinukas ar studenciokas, mokytojas ar destytojas, pirmokelio mama ar pirmuno senelis, visi mes dedam daug vilciu i musu besimokancia ateiti...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day out in forest
In the morning of this day our family decided to take a day off and have some good time in the forest. These days in our country everyone who gets the chance to go to forest can't refuse the occasion to pik some mushrooms. We did almost the same thing. We were picking mushrooms in several places they are located almost in the same forest, but they have some distance between each other. We were lucky to find some good mushrooms in several of visited places. But two places was a completely with no eny mushrooms. Probably others visitors (if I can name them so) were faster and picked them some time earlier.
The most popular mushroom was like these:

In Lithuanian they are called: "umėdė" and in english - "russule".

Also we have found and more valuable mushrooms, they look like these:

In Lithuanian they are called: "baravykas" and in english - "boletus". These mushrooms and others who are related to this one are, I believe, the most desirable catch to every picker.

Generally speaking, edible mushrooms are used extensively in cooking, in many ciusines. However, a number of species of mushrooms are poisonous, and although some may resemble edible varieties, eating them could be fatal. Thats why we tried to pick only the ones that we knew are edible.

The process of picking mushrooms is useful and in other meens, not only the fact that you find them. Also it is very useful to be in a fresh air, breathe it.

If you are interested to know much more about picking mushrooms you may check these links, they might be useful:

Fotos are taken from:

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

UK, Lithuania or Spain?

Yesterday my old friend said to me how it's good to live in London. Far from the mother who all the time heaps reprouches on her daughter and frightens her out of loving a muslim guy (You know, muslims kidnap their own children). Far from younger brother who is too lazy to read books, but always has time to play computer games. Far from faces without smile of shop-assistents and waitresses and their "willing" to help to their clients. Far from native country with rainy days and national treasure - drunkards' philosophy.

I know, she (my friend) was depressed. Maybe she was longing to come back to her boyfriend and their cosy nest. Maybe she was tired with her mum. Or just it was a bad day fo her. But she was right. We have a lot of problems here, in Lithuania. And the main of them is mentality of folk. Because of that we forget to smile, to relax, all the time we want something better when we are, when we have.
But I believe it's good to try to make life better for you, for your family, for your friends. But we don't have right to deny happiness for others. Everybody has his/ her dreams and we must help to each other.
Just it's a pitty to hear how much sometimes Lithuanians hate their country, especially then they did nothing for its well being. And if one day I live in other country, for example in Spain (why not?), it will be not because I don't love my country. It will be because I love someone there...
What is going on?
Something is wrong with, tuesday morning and I can't preview my blog. I just get the message saying about somekind internal server error.
Oh, after few minutes, while I was writting this post, things got better, it seems now I can preview my blog. But not for long, again after a minutes, blog preview is not available, I get the same message.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

No love, no life

Have you ever read THE ZAHIR? It's the novel of Paulo Coelho. I'm gonna read it. Some my firends said to me the book it's worth to do it.

The story is about relationships between the wife and the husband, their love and life far from each other. I will see if it's true :)

But in general, do you think the novels of love or about love usualy are true stories or just the result of someone's fantasy? Are some things to learn in such novels?

I don't know. I like to read love stories, to fell in love with heros of a book, to love and to hate with them. And I'm sure, we can learn a lot of things.

And I don't care, if it's true stories or just a fantasy. But I want to believe, that like in the stories, everybody can find his/her TRUE LOVE, to defeat all troubles and struggles, and in the end to find happiness. If not, I don't know what human being is living for.

Without love there is no life I believe.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nauji žmogiukai (new people)

Sveikinam prisijungus naujus blog'o žmogiukus:).
Welcome new blog people:)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"If only"....

Lately I was watching movie "If only". I think the main actress in that movie is Jennifer Love Hewitt, she plays Samantha and also very important character is her boyfriend Paul Nicholls, he plays Ian. Samantha is a musician and she is music teacher at school, Ian is a businessman, he is trying to get some investments to somekind imoprtant project which is associated with medicine. The story is how this couple was close to broke up. The interesting thing is that after the broke up Samantha gets killed and just after that Ian realizes how was she important the amaizing thing happens, he gets the chance to live yesterday's day in the new way. He has not very much time to make things different. He needs to realize that Samantha (girlfriend) just needs to be loved truly. The story is much nicer when Ian is trying to change things and avoid tragical ending. Jennifer Love Hewitt performes her play very perfectly and Ian shows real love to her. I guess it is posible to say, that because of that the ending is diffrent, but not that kind that was hoped (by me:)). Now Ian gets killed instead of Samantha. I think this movie is very interesting and it is worth to watch it. The movie isn't made these years (i think it is 2004). But I hope everyone who will be reading this post, will understand what is all about.

If you wached that movie too you are wellcome to leave your thoughts or comments here.