Sunday, October 15, 2006

昔々 /Once upon a time
Once I was in Japan..
Once I took Japanese ceramics classes..
It was a year ago.


Meras said...

Impresive jobs :)

Pelene said...

in the photos they look much bigger than they are in reality :P

kanadoko said...

Wow! They all look nice.
I like No.3 the most. It looks nice with "NIMONO" ans such.

Pelene said...

I think you should look for opportunity to practice more making ceramic ;)

Meras said...

Yee, not bad idea, probably you could make even more beatiful things:)

ichigiku said...

thanks to everybody!! I am so happy you liked my small pieces..
i'd love to do some more ceramics, but i don't know where i could do that..
can somebody advice?