Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day out in forest
In the morning of this day our family decided to take a day off and have some good time in the forest. These days in our country everyone who gets the chance to go to forest can't refuse the occasion to pik some mushrooms. We did almost the same thing. We were picking mushrooms in several places they are located almost in the same forest, but they have some distance between each other. We were lucky to find some good mushrooms in several of visited places. But two places was a completely with no eny mushrooms. Probably others visitors (if I can name them so) were faster and picked them some time earlier.
The most popular mushroom was like these:

In Lithuanian they are called: "umėdė" and in english - "russule".

Also we have found and more valuable mushrooms, they look like these:

In Lithuanian they are called: "baravykas" and in english - "boletus". These mushrooms and others who are related to this one are, I believe, the most desirable catch to every picker.

Generally speaking, edible mushrooms are used extensively in cooking, in many ciusines. However, a number of species of mushrooms are poisonous, and although some may resemble edible varieties, eating them could be fatal. Thats why we tried to pick only the ones that we knew are edible.

The process of picking mushrooms is useful and in other meens, not only the fact that you find them. Also it is very useful to be in a fresh air, breathe it.

If you are interested to know much more about picking mushrooms you may check these links, they might be useful:

Fotos are taken from:

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

UK, Lithuania or Spain?

Yesterday my old friend said to me how it's good to live in London. Far from the mother who all the time heaps reprouches on her daughter and frightens her out of loving a muslim guy (You know, muslims kidnap their own children). Far from younger brother who is too lazy to read books, but always has time to play computer games. Far from faces without smile of shop-assistents and waitresses and their "willing" to help to their clients. Far from native country with rainy days and national treasure - drunkards' philosophy.

I know, she (my friend) was depressed. Maybe she was longing to come back to her boyfriend and their cosy nest. Maybe she was tired with her mum. Or just it was a bad day fo her. But she was right. We have a lot of problems here, in Lithuania. And the main of them is mentality of folk. Because of that we forget to smile, to relax, all the time we want something better when we are, when we have.
But I believe it's good to try to make life better for you, for your family, for your friends. But we don't have right to deny happiness for others. Everybody has his/ her dreams and we must help to each other.
Just it's a pitty to hear how much sometimes Lithuanians hate their country, especially then they did nothing for its well being. And if one day I live in other country, for example in Spain (why not?), it will be not because I don't love my country. It will be because I love someone there...
What is going on?
Something is wrong with, tuesday morning and I can't preview my blog. I just get the message saying about somekind internal server error.
Oh, after few minutes, while I was writting this post, things got better, it seems now I can preview my blog. But not for long, again after a minutes, blog preview is not available, I get the same message.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

No love, no life

Have you ever read THE ZAHIR? It's the novel of Paulo Coelho. I'm gonna read it. Some my firends said to me the book it's worth to do it.

The story is about relationships between the wife and the husband, their love and life far from each other. I will see if it's true :)

But in general, do you think the novels of love or about love usualy are true stories or just the result of someone's fantasy? Are some things to learn in such novels?

I don't know. I like to read love stories, to fell in love with heros of a book, to love and to hate with them. And I'm sure, we can learn a lot of things.

And I don't care, if it's true stories or just a fantasy. But I want to believe, that like in the stories, everybody can find his/her TRUE LOVE, to defeat all troubles and struggles, and in the end to find happiness. If not, I don't know what human being is living for.

Without love there is no life I believe.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nauji žmogiukai (new people)

Sveikinam prisijungus naujus blog'o žmogiukus:).
Welcome new blog people:)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"If only"....

Lately I was watching movie "If only". I think the main actress in that movie is Jennifer Love Hewitt, she plays Samantha and also very important character is her boyfriend Paul Nicholls, he plays Ian. Samantha is a musician and she is music teacher at school, Ian is a businessman, he is trying to get some investments to somekind imoprtant project which is associated with medicine. The story is how this couple was close to broke up. The interesting thing is that after the broke up Samantha gets killed and just after that Ian realizes how was she important the amaizing thing happens, he gets the chance to live yesterday's day in the new way. He has not very much time to make things different. He needs to realize that Samantha (girlfriend) just needs to be loved truly. The story is much nicer when Ian is trying to change things and avoid tragical ending. Jennifer Love Hewitt performes her play very perfectly and Ian shows real love to her. I guess it is posible to say, that because of that the ending is diffrent, but not that kind that was hoped (by me:)). Now Ian gets killed instead of Samantha. I think this movie is very interesting and it is worth to watch it. The movie isn't made these years (i think it is 2004). But I hope everyone who will be reading this post, will understand what is all about.

If you wached that movie too you are wellcome to leave your thoughts or comments here.