Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"If only"....

Lately I was watching movie "If only". I think the main actress in that movie is Jennifer Love Hewitt, she plays Samantha and also very important character is her boyfriend Paul Nicholls, he plays Ian. Samantha is a musician and she is music teacher at school, Ian is a businessman, he is trying to get some investments to somekind imoprtant project which is associated with medicine. The story is how this couple was close to broke up. The interesting thing is that after the broke up Samantha gets killed and just after that Ian realizes how was she important the amaizing thing happens, he gets the chance to live yesterday's day in the new way. He has not very much time to make things different. He needs to realize that Samantha (girlfriend) just needs to be loved truly. The story is much nicer when Ian is trying to change things and avoid tragical ending. Jennifer Love Hewitt performes her play very perfectly and Ian shows real love to her. I guess it is posible to say, that because of that the ending is diffrent, but not that kind that was hoped (by me:)). Now Ian gets killed instead of Samantha. I think this movie is very interesting and it is worth to watch it. The movie isn't made these years (i think it is 2004). But I hope everyone who will be reading this post, will understand what is all about.

If you wached that movie too you are wellcome to leave your thoughts or comments here.

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