Tuesday, August 29, 2006

UK, Lithuania or Spain?

Yesterday my old friend said to me how it's good to live in London. Far from the mother who all the time heaps reprouches on her daughter and frightens her out of loving a muslim guy (You know, muslims kidnap their own children). Far from younger brother who is too lazy to read books, but always has time to play computer games. Far from faces without smile of shop-assistents and waitresses and their "willing" to help to their clients. Far from native country with rainy days and national treasure - drunkards' philosophy.

I know, she (my friend) was depressed. Maybe she was longing to come back to her boyfriend and their cosy nest. Maybe she was tired with her mum. Or just it was a bad day fo her. But she was right. We have a lot of problems here, in Lithuania. And the main of them is mentality of folk. Because of that we forget to smile, to relax, all the time we want something better when we are, when we have.
But I believe it's good to try to make life better for you, for your family, for your friends. But we don't have right to deny happiness for others. Everybody has his/ her dreams and we must help to each other.
Just it's a pitty to hear how much sometimes Lithuanians hate their country, especially then they did nothing for its well being. And if one day I live in other country, for example in Spain (why not?), it will be not because I don't love my country. It will be because I love someone there...


Anonymous said...

Hello Pelene!
It's the first time i read this article. I am surprised that you say only because of loving someone in Spain, you want to go to Spain; why don't you let us knowing something about folk mentality?!!!
I am interested in knowing more things about lithuanian traditions and history of folks if its possible. One more thing, I am sure, the person you love in Spain loves you more than you what you can imagine. What is special in this beloved man if its possible even though its an intime matter.

With love, mdt2006

Pelene said...

Your questions need a lot of time to discuss. Maybe one day we will have a possibility to do it in personally?