Monday, August 31, 2009

A. Diuma Paryžiaus mohikanai I

Vis neintensyviai darbuojantis vasaros metu perskaityta dar viena gana įdomi knyga - "Paryžiaus mohikanai" pirma knyga. Trumpai galima priminti ir apie patį autorių, remiantis Wikipedia, Aleksandras Diuma, populiarus prancūzų rašytojas. Vertinamas už istorinius nuotykinius romanus, kurie susilaukė dėmesio visame pasaulyje. Žymiausi A.Diuma kūriniai „Trys muškietininkai“, „Grafas Montekristas“, „Geležinė kaukė“. Pirmoji A. Diuma knyga pripažinimo sulaukė 1844 metais ir būtent tada prasidėjo jo šlovė bei turtingas gyvenimas. Iki tol jo sukurtos pjesės ir kelionių aprašymai tokio pripažinimo nebuvo sulaukę.

Giržtant prie Paryžiaus mohikanų, pačioje knygoje pateikiamas toks trumpas jos aprašymas: Patrauklus, intriguojančio siužeto romanas, parašytas XIX a. romantizmo dvasia, pasakoja apie trijų jaunikaičių - poeto Žano Robero, gydytojo Liudviko ir dailininko Petriuso nuotykius paskutinėmis ponapoleoninės epochos, restauracijos laikų dienomis. 1830-ųjų metų liepos revoliucijos išvakarėse. Piešiama plati to meto visuomenės panorama nuo padugnių iki aristokratiškųjų viršūnių, šiltai vaizduojama nykstančių gatvės artistų, komediantų ir juokdarių, tų Paryžiaus mohikanų karta. Tokiame istorinių įvykių fone išsiskiria romantiškos Žiusteno ir Minos, Kolombano ir Karmelitos, Petriuso ir Reginos meilės istorijos bei paslaptingo geradario Salvatoriaus figūra.

Pirmosios Knygos veiksmas vyksta 1827 - aisiais metais. Pirmame skyriuje vaizdžiai aprašoma to laiko Paryžiaus materialinė bei moralinė padėtis, aprašomi visi socialiniai sluoksniai. Knygoje apskritai labai daug aprašymų, pasakojimų, mažiau tiesioginės kalbos.

Nesileidžiant į per daug gilius ir subjektyvius svarstymus galima sakyti, kad knyga tikrai įdomi, nors skaitant pirmuosius skyrius dar taip neatrodė. Gaila tik, kad perskaičius pirmąją knygą praktiškai niekas neužsibaigia, todėl norint sužinoti kaip viskas baigėsi kaip ir nelieka kito kelio, kaip tik skaityti antrąją knygą.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 11]

20 of May…in the morning we stopped in some petrol station.. the man asked us for money…strange thing to pay then you are hitchhiking…but… but driver had problems with paying because there was petrol station to pay only by cards… so he was looking who could help him… so one good man paid with his card and got money from our driver… stupid situation, but what we could do… it was too late to change the car… going again… border..Germany…finally :) after some hours the driver let away the woman. She wished luck to us and gone. After her leaving driver started to talk about her… how he don't like her and that she is crazy. Latter he begin to talk about himself…that he makes wine and now he is bringing some bottles to customers…blab la blab la … I still don't like him.. and now Vilma don't like him as well…We were glad then our ways separated. Of course we had to walk about 2-3 km to get to right direction. It was sunny morning and to marsh with bags was so hot and tiring but nice weather and nice surroundings helped to have good mood. Actually fields and forest remind Lithuanian ones…so we felt closer to home. In petrol station we had some food and moved along. Now stopped strange driver but in good way. He was working with companies like Ford and other cars companies. He was creating robots or something like that. High quality specialist but not proud. He was always saying “It is JUST a job” “It is JUST a car” (even it was new one). He had really different way of thinking. He told us his story how he hitchhiked to Franc to take a photo for his grandmother :) He was just a student and had no money. His grandmother before death wanted to see something in Franc so asked him to go and to take a picture… and he did it : :) Other strange thing he told was that he is organizing 24houres races of old tractors. :) It was interesting to listen how his minds were flouting …He said “where this world is rolling?” He said that now people behaves not responsible with all dangerous remains … for example remains from nuclear power-station. He said that in past paaaaaast people were more mindful. Now people are just putting all nuclear remains into capsule and digging into ground… In past they were more careful. He asked if we know about Atlántida. Of course we do. Then he spoke again. People in Atlántida had a lot of loot of nuclear remains, but they managed to leave it safe… that it won’t cause harm to future generations. He asked if we know how they did that. .. well no..we didn't know… so he asked other question, if we know a Stonehenge in G. Britain. :) no doubts everyone knows it. :) So his opinion were that people from Atlántida all their nuclear remains had dig into ground and built a Stonehenge as a warning sign. It was totally new explanation for us of Stonehenge purpose. It surprised us… (well in that case now 2009 07 21 I tried to look some information in internet…but I found only theories that it was made on spiritual purpose or healing…but nothing about warinig… , or everyone has own opinion.) Spending time with people like him takes you into other world :) Then we stepped out of his car so we said to each other that all our drivers are crazy in their own way…but SO crazy :) and we were like wow this one was good one :) like from television films about boys drowned in science world. :) Nature in Germany was not very special… almost like Lithuanian just maybe hills was a little bit higher… After little break we came back to road. Well not exactly on the road, because in Germany like in Italy, Spain, Austria highways are too dangerous to stand in it and it is forbidden. Better or best place to stay is petrol station or taxing point…but we prefer petrol station the bigger the better :) you can refresh yourself, you can buy if you need something and more people are coming and in petrol station you can go to people directly and speak… or you can stood near the exit and hold a tablet with cities name. Both these strategies has their pros and cons. If you are going to people directly so maybe while you are talking to one who is going wrong direction other person can pass by and could go to right direction. But talking directly you are taking notice… Or even if person is going to opposite side maybe he could give you a good advice how to behave or where to go or something else. Or just can chat a moment with you and give you good emotions. While standing near the exit you can’t take notice to you, your personality or direction you are going. Often people even don't read tablets. But there is and a good side. Then you are standing with tablet or just a thumb up stops only these people who wants to help. Differently then you are going directly to people… everything depends on situation and location. Sometimes one is better and sometimes other.


laugh brings people together and makes feel closer

Thursday, August 27, 2009


If man turns to left four times, so geometry theory says, that he will come back home. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Do you really think that you will certainly get what you want only because you really want that or that you will be very patient.

(Margaret Kent "How to marry the man of your choice")

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 10]

:) Little by little evening was coming. (19 of may )This time truck driver stopped. French also not speaking English. But somehow we managed to have a conversation. :) Somewhere in middle in between Avignon and Lyon also in taxing point we were trying to get other driver…it was almost dark… became dark… finally one car stopped …young nice couple. They took us straight to Lyon. Into the city…:) they were going too fast and skipped last petrol station on highway. So it was almost midnight and we were standing almost in the city :) but view was nice… we were standing near the building…next to us one homeless old man was sleeping. Not much hope left that night to move somewhere… but really fast other car stopped. Couple , but old. They were going just out of city so as they think it would be better for us to get out of city. We jumped in with a relief. :) still mowing. This couple was so kind and suggested to stay in their garage for night if we would like to get some sleep. But it was our first night in the trip so we wanted to move on. It was midnight…and we were somewhere out of Lyon. There were two old and other new but with taxing points. We would prefer new one but it was not lighted…so it was a little bit scared to walk next to that road….especially then we know how fast cars can go there….so after some time one man stopped and took us.I don't know how long we were going with him… maybe I was asleep. Still somewhere in Franc.
I can say that it is 20 of May, even it is night… and even we haven’t any proper rest…We stepped out in a slam village…we saw petrol station but it was not working…no cars at all… Weird.. and again no hope. But still good mood and we were discussing how we could stay here comfortable for night. If we going to stuck so better to use that time for sleeping. Then two cars with young people came to petrol station … gone… after few moments one car came back and parked near us. Two guys where eating something. :) It remind us how after pubs we were going to eat in city :) they wanted to chat but couldn't speak English but still suggested some cookies. And called us nicely “Madmuasel” ..
Still no other cars…suddenly one car passed us twice and stopped. First we thought that it was a young family with sleeping child on the back seat. But no. There was strange company who said that can take us but we should give 10 Euros for petrol because the driver counted that car is old and we are two and big bags so car would take more petrol. We asked where they are going… it was small city in Germany … we looked into was quite far…well 10 Euros for possibility to be safe in car and take a nap was tempting. So we arranged things more comfortable for all of us and moved. The driver for me was weird from the beginning..I don't liked both the driver and a woman next to him… they were speaking in German… something my ear was catching … they were different from all people we have met… they were weird but not in a best way…I didn't like their company… so the night was quite good… good that we were still moving and we could rest a bit… well maybe I didn't feel comfortable in this car because these people differed with each other…it seemed that driver do not like that woman. But to sleep was not very comfortable….so less of space…and cold….because driver opened a window…he was smoking one cigarette after other…but we were just guests so we tried to sleep and ignore these things…sometimes we awake and behold some wonderful beautiful sights …sunrise in cute villages and some hills…and again asleep…


...there is some people who is never mistaken, because smart ideas is not bothering them...

Monday, August 24, 2009


every commodity has its buyer..just it takes time while they find each other...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


i love me, you should too :)

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 9]

19 of may … should I say that I didn’t want to get up? :) well we got up quite late. Also we didn’t have any idea from where to start… and how to get there… after quite long thinking we find one solution. Picked up our bags and walked …first to bus. Kristina lead us to bus stop explained a map of bus route and said where we have to step out. Everything looked clear. Bus came. We make our bow . Well we had to step out at third stop. But problem was that bus was not stopping… It stopped only in the end of its route. OOPsss ! The driver took some fruits and it seemed that he will stay here for a while. Everyone went out of bus… we wanted to know how long he will stay here and if he is coming back the same route. BUT :) his English was horrible. So we stepped out. One lady came in the bus and started to talk with driver. After minute came to us and showed to come in…but we didn’t have tickets anymore … but he tried to ask where we are going…then said to stay. After two more minutes (after he ate his orange) he went. In maybe second stop he said to us go to metro and go to city center to get a train or bus :) that was nice. That place where he let us was right one. We just needed to cross the road and start hitchhiking :)

SO from here comes other advice for tourists. If you don't know place, but know a name of bus stop so better don't try to count stops…because some of them you can miss, some of them won’t be marked. It is better to try to ask driver to say to you then will be your stop.

That highway was a bit too fast for that but one old man stopped and helped us. He was listening some calm and classic music so it was making feel us sleepy :) As he told then he was young he was also hitchhiking so that’s why he took us. With him we were driving about 100 km or something like that. He let us out in highway and after few moments came police and said to go out of that area…so we went to sideway there were some taxing points so near them we stood and hoped that someone will take us :) and soon one man took us. He was French and his English was poor but he was happy to use it …Almost all way he was saying that we are behaving wrong by hitchhiking, that it is stress for our parents and so on. He let us soon and we were glad. :) we stood on next taxing point.

It is quite good place, because cars moves slowly …they can notice you and a card with city’s name you are going to. But there is not much space for standing …

Then for us stopped nice young French man :) But couldn’t speak English at all. If we understood right so his job is to drive these fast trains . :) So in highway he also drew fast… after one more 100 km he let us near one more taxing point… in that place were for trucks and in other side were for cars… I was a bit afraid of that highways so we stayed in that side there were for trucks….after while we noticed a car coming to this side…strange..driver stopped and from car stepped out a guy…hitchhiker like we…..then driver asked us where we are going and said “jump in” . Some truck were standing behind him but he didn’t care :)

And small advice if you are traveling with your own car.. better don't go through taxing points which are for truck, because in there are bigger taxes :)

I don't remember much about this driver…soon he us left near other taxing point. Interesting coming to Barcelona we never stood in these places and now while coming back it was the main our stopping point. :) Now for our surprise stopped a lady. :) French. With little nice doggy in front seat. She took us to a better place to hitchhiked …it was about 30 km… also she showed Avignon city :) we took some pictures through the window. She was cute..Her English was poor but she tried and was using sign language.. her French accent was lovely :) we were first hitchhikers who she took. :) Well and again she let us out near taxing point. :) Little by little evening was coming.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


...woman as a flower, unsupervised wont blossom and finally wither...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In all relations the most important thing is conversations...

Monday, August 17, 2009


In whose carriage you are sitting - their song you will be singing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


even in the "darkest" day of your life you can envisage at least one positive depends only on will...

Saturday, August 15, 2009


World always helps us to struggle for our dreams and doesnt metter how foolish it might appear. It is our dreams and only we know for what price they were saved.

(Paulo Coelho)

Friday, August 14, 2009


...if old sox stinks so knit new one...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 8]

Next morning (18 of May) we went to see Sagrada Familia. Well I have been inside in January so this time for me it was not necessary and Vilma wasn’t so interested in seeing it from inside or to spend all day in museum. It would take at least half of day. So we just turned around, I told some details I have remembered and we carried on to see buildings like La Pedrera, Casa Batllo. Then a little break in the beach… There differently from Lithuanian beaches you can’t hear sough of waves …and no silence. There all the time people are suggesting you to buy coconuts, beer, sprite or even some Asian women offers you massage or tattoo. Last two you can pick up from catalogue. There is two possibilities or you closing your eyes and ignoring them or staying with open eyes and consistently repeat “No” “No I don't need” “No I don't want” “No thank you” “NO” :) And after while it sounds in your head “ Hola samahe masahe?” “Servesa beer servese” :) So these phrases became some kind jokes between me and Vilma for a while.

Lieing in the beach I remembered that we don't have any food for trip. In Lithuania it would be no problem to do shopping in the evening…quite late evening, but here shops works from 9 am to 9pm. Or even 9.15 to 8.45… I am not sure where that 15 min is but they are. In my plan for that day’s sightseeing was left one more park (Park de la Cuitadela) and Ark de Triumf. So we left beach quite soon. Well and water was cold as in January :) I even couldn’t wade…. Freezing cold. But weather for sunbathing was perfect. Hot sun and fresh wind …

So we quickly walked through the park. Then marched through alley leading to Ark de triumph. Meanwhile not forgetting to take pictures :) We did faster than I expected but still it was not clear if we will get on time to shopping center… well but everything went ok… we did shopping and got some free milk :) and came back home. There we had our last supper with Kristina, Nojus, Driss, Audrone. In that evening we had to taste two interesting things. For the beginning was grilled birdie. :) Nobody could tell us what kind of bird it was but… small and tasty :) Latter on somehow hookah appeared. But the interesting part was minty tobacco. It was best one I have ever tried. Perfect. So we were sitting and chatting though tomorrow morning we planned to start our journey back to Lithuania (but our bags weren’t packed). Oh about tobacco. In Spain it is interesting system. If you want to buy some cigarettes or tobacco you have to go to special shop only for tobacco. :) If you will try to get some in supermarket so you will definitely be out of conceit. But don't worry if you need some at night then shop is not working so go to pub or club and by in a machine (similar we have for coffee).
I wanted that evening never end….

THE SENTENCE OF THE DAY you health in early life and honour in old age...

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Bei dar kitos galimybės.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Falling in love does not mean endless chain of pleasant sensation....

(Margaret Kent "How to marry the man of your choise")

Monday, August 10, 2009


Somebody dare to look for water, and it was found and people start to huddle around him. I think, if you are looking for love bravely it will appear and finaly you will attract more of it. If somebody needs you so everyone needs you. But if you are alone so you will become even more lonely.

(Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 7]

Next morning we also slept quite long…It was Sunday 17 of May. This day was for Park Guel. HOT !!! HOT!!! HOT!! And high heels shoes didn't helped :) But still wonderful place. After that we came back to Kristina’s home and made some food :) ate in terrace…cozy moment. Kristina’s husband and son was somewhere out, so again three girls chatting….
I was in Barcelona second time. Most of things I was seeing second time. But I love this country and city so I was glad. Picasso I saw first time. And on Sunday evening we went to see Magic Fountains which was not working in January (then I was here first time). This fountain was working only on weekends evenings. Huge fountain playing together with music.
Later on we went to dance in some clubs. :) nothing special :) Oh the same night we stopped by in one play ground….we like swings :)…in there was a dog…strange one… first he was barking and didn’t let me to swing…but latter he came with small rock and wanted to play :) my four-legged friend :)

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Waiting is torture. Life trying to forget - torture. But the most terrible torture is do not know how to behave (act).

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 6]

But we had not so much time so we tried o get us much as possible. So we were in Barcelona on Friday.15 of May. We got a shower, some food some rest, some chat with my cousin Kristina, who just took Nojus from school. Later in the evening we went for a see a nightlife. But we were tired and quite early came back. And went to bed…mmmm….sleep …slept as much as much as we wanted. :)
Saturday. 16 of May…we went for sightseeing and to the beach…On wharf there is a shopping center where is a really unbelievably tasty ice cream…but expensive one – about 5 euro for two pills(balls). That day was an international day of museums so at night was all museums ready to open their doors for visitors. We went to Picasso museum. A queue was huge, but moved fast. :) so we took our time inside… Really it worth to see that museum even if you don't know about art much. Later we wanted to go to dance. But in streets there were so tumultuous crowed because of Barcelona’ s team victory even without playing in match. :) Interesting thing to be in city then people are expressing their happiness. Everywhere ware so many rubbish …police was arresting people…some streets were closed so we couldn't reach place we wanted to dance… so for a while we were just walking … Till one guy gave as a booklet of one club and asked if we want to see one video clip presentation. Why not? :) We came in.. was crowded and actually after long walking in museum and streets I wanted to take a seat. So we sat and got one typical Spanish drink.. Three girls started to chat :) While chatting we heard twice one nice song. That one’s video clip presentation :) and we missed it .Well…but we heard it at least and liked. I took that booklet home and now I have in my pc both and song and video clip :) SO that night nothing special happened and we came back. Our wish to dance was not completely fulfilled. But it was very interesting evening.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 5]

Rain was still pouring …this petrol station was smaller and closed. Luckily it had a shelter near the wall where were a window for customers. There were two black men. Personally I didn't trust them and I am not talking about considering a possibility to go with them. But Vilma wasn’t so negative. They smiled and gave us some coffee and bought some more for themselves. We noticed a plastic utensil on the ground with some remains of food. They had a dinner in there :)
It was third night on the road… I missed homemade food.

Black guys started to chat to us in French… we – in English. :) They couldn’t believe how we could be in Franc and do not know the language. But somehow with signs we had small conversation. In their car was place for 3 people, they were 2 and 2 of us. So even they wanted to take us they couldn't. :) for me it was a relief. :) Don’t get me wrong .. I am not a racist…just sometimes I feel I can’t trust person…doesn't matter if he/she is white or black or whatever…you’ll see latter. :)

We were tired and …tired..sometimes you are more tired psychologically than physically…we wanted to get a shower and bed to sleep :) such simple thinks seamed could make us happy…other thing was…..together 24 +24 + 12 hours (about)… even we haven’t seen each other for long time we already deplete all topics …or we just get tired of talking at all.. and weather didn’t helped this time… mine clothes and shoes was ok but for Vilma was worse…she felt cold and her wet shoes made everything worse… we spend in there few hours..Vilma tried to read her jottings from university, dance…I also had my mp3 but…in my head was Nothing box :) For a while there was no people coming to petrol station…it was about 2 to 4 am… About 5 am..the man who was working there went out to clean the area and noticed us. He was friendly and asked us how long we are here, where we are going and told us that after 30 min he will let us inside the building. But at that time cars started to come and he had to work…First few cars was fool so we even didn’t bother to go to talk with drivers.

A little bit later one posh car came. A man look to a line near reception window and asked us if we are hitchhiking. Interesting stuff that in Franc people mostly by themselves are coming to us. So this man said that if we want he can take us about 70 km. He took something and we all sat in the car…and the man from petrol station ran to as with a map :) he explained something in French to driver and wished good luck to us. :) As we decided that man in posh car was gay…but it was so good to sit comfortably in soft leather seat… and close eyes for a moment… well… about hour :) but it look like a moment. The driver look tired but careful… took us as possible to better place. But he was tired and didn’t showed interest to talk to us . . .

It was getting light …but still cloudy… this petrol station was big…with shopping center and parking for trucks. So here we hoped that will be easy to get a car. But it took some time….Here we tried everything : directly asking people , stopping cars near the exit … But rains was still bothering…So we were spending some time outside and some under a shelter. In that shopping center we found two more hitchhikers (two guys but not friends and one couple). With boys we chatted for a moment. But they were strange and I guess not interested in chatting so we didn't waste our time and went back to look for a driver.

One thing happened which I will not forget for ever :) A posh and big limousine stopped. :) Two black young guys smiled and asked where we are going … Barselona… and they said it is sad but they were going to Cannes….mmmm… Why they were going not to Barcelona… :) But latter on we found on older man who was going to Barcelona ! there was left about 350 km… From first sight that man look scary and not friendly.. But in that time we had spend together we had really great time :) He was laughing at us what we were eating :) Bananas is not food for him it is a dessert :) he made a sandwiches for us and gave some yoghurt, nuts and candies. He was laughing that small girls with big bags running to him and shouting “Mister mister Barcelona ,Barcelona” :) He was sarcastic but kind … showed something and told what he knew about that object. He was like our guide.

Finally then we were in Barcelona…did I told that he was a truck driver was Hungarian? And with truck he couldn’t go inside the city so we were somewhere in one circuit. He stopped at petrol station and demand to call to my cousin or that she called to us.. he was worrying about how we will get into the city… he asked then we are coming back to Lithuania ..maybe he could took us…I don't remember but if he gave to us his phone number or we ours to him….
Just we got out of truck and trying to put warm clothes inside the bags, one guy was watching us…and came to us… he was local and friendly wanted to help for hitchhikers … explained how to get into city and that he was also hitchhiking and knows how it is …such a relief.. and we like saying bye-bye and just for common interest Vilma asked from where he is. And He smiled “ Well I bet you will not know that country, but anyway from Lithuania” :) :) well you can imagine how funny that was :) chatted with him for a while. He took us to his job…he was working near in one hotel. He gave a map and phone number just in case. As he said first we tried to hitchhike near the exit of that area… and after few minutes two ladies stopped. Young girl with mother. They took us into city center. There I knew how to deal with :) metro … and home sweet home :) even it was not mine but could offer me a bed :)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Jūros šventė

Šių metų liepos 31 – rugpiūčio 2 dienomis Klaipėdoje siautė jubiliejinė – penkiasdešimtą kartą organizuojama Jūros šventės ir didžioji burlaivių regata „The Tall Ships Races Baltic 2009“.
Danės krantinėse prisišvartavo daugiau kaip šimtas įvairiausių burlaivių. Buvo galima apžiūrėti kaip kuriuos regatoje dalyvaujančius burlaivius. Ilgiausia eilė buvo nusidriekusi prie didžiausiojo - "Sedov".
Keletas šventės vaizdų: