Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 6]

But we had not so much time so we tried o get us much as possible. So we were in Barcelona on Friday.15 of May. We got a shower, some food some rest, some chat with my cousin Kristina, who just took Nojus from school. Later in the evening we went for a see a nightlife. But we were tired and quite early came back. And went to bed…mmmm….sleep …slept as much as much as we wanted. :)
Saturday. 16 of May…we went for sightseeing and to the beach…On wharf there is a shopping center where is a really unbelievably tasty ice cream…but expensive one – about 5 euro for two pills(balls). That day was an international day of museums so at night was all museums ready to open their doors for visitors. We went to Picasso museum. A queue was huge, but moved fast. :) so we took our time inside… Really it worth to see that museum even if you don't know about art much. Later we wanted to go to dance. But in streets there were so tumultuous crowed because of Barcelona’ s team victory even without playing in match. :) Interesting thing to be in city then people are expressing their happiness. Everywhere ware so many rubbish …police was arresting people…some streets were closed so we couldn't reach place we wanted to dance… so for a while we were just walking … Till one guy gave as a booklet of one club and asked if we want to see one video clip presentation. Why not? :) We came in.. was crowded and actually after long walking in museum and streets I wanted to take a seat. So we sat and got one typical Spanish drink.. Three girls started to chat :) While chatting we heard twice one nice song. That one’s video clip presentation :) and we missed it .Well…but we heard it at least and liked. I took that booklet home and now I have in my pc both and song and video clip :) SO that night nothing special happened and we came back. Our wish to dance was not completely fulfilled. But it was very interesting evening.

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