Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 10]

:) Little by little evening was coming. (19 of may )This time truck driver stopped. French also not speaking English. But somehow we managed to have a conversation. :) Somewhere in middle in between Avignon and Lyon also in taxing point we were trying to get other driver…it was almost dark… became dark… finally one car stopped …young nice couple. They took us straight to Lyon. Into the city…:) they were going too fast and skipped last petrol station on highway. So it was almost midnight and we were standing almost in the city :) but view was nice… we were standing near the building…next to us one homeless old man was sleeping. Not much hope left that night to move somewhere… but really fast other car stopped. Couple , but old. They were going just out of city so as they think it would be better for us to get out of city. We jumped in with a relief. :) still mowing. This couple was so kind and suggested to stay in their garage for night if we would like to get some sleep. But it was our first night in the trip so we wanted to move on. It was midnight…and we were somewhere out of Lyon. There were two roads..one old and other new but with taxing points. We would prefer new one but it was not lighted…so it was a little bit scared to walk next to that road….especially then we know how fast cars can go there….so after some time one man stopped and took us.I don't know how long we were going with him… maybe I was asleep. Still somewhere in Franc.
I can say that it is 20 of May, even it is night… and even we haven’t any proper rest…We stepped out in a slam village…we saw petrol station but it was not working…no cars at all… Weird.. and again no hope. But still good mood and we were discussing how we could stay here comfortable for night. If we going to stuck so better to use that time for sleeping. Then two cars with young people came to petrol station … gone… after few moments one car came back and parked near us. Two guys where eating something. :) It remind us how after pubs we were going to eat in city :) they wanted to chat but couldn't speak English but still suggested some cookies. And called us nicely “Madmuasel” ..
Still no other cars…suddenly one car passed us twice and stopped. First we thought that it was a young family with sleeping child on the back seat. But no. There was strange company who said that can take us but we should give 10 Euros for petrol because the driver counted that car is old and we are two and big bags so car would take more petrol. We asked where they are going… it was small city in Germany … we looked into map..it was quite far…well 10 Euros for possibility to be safe in car and take a nap was tempting. So we arranged things more comfortable for all of us and moved. The driver for me was weird from the beginning..I don't liked both the driver and a woman next to him… they were speaking in German… something my ear was catching … they were different from all people we have met… they were weird but not in a best way…I didn't like their company… so the night was quite good… good that we were still moving and we could rest a bit… well maybe I didn't feel comfortable in this car because these people differed with each other…it seemed that driver do not like that woman. But to sleep was not very comfortable….so less of space…and cold….because driver opened a window…he was smoking one cigarette after other…but we were just guests so we tried to sleep and ignore these things…sometimes we awake and behold some wonderful beautiful sights …sunrise in cute villages and some hills…and again asleep…

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