Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 9]

19 of may … should I say that I didn’t want to get up? :) well we got up quite late. Also we didn’t have any idea from where to start… and how to get there… after quite long thinking we find one solution. Picked up our bags and walked …first to bus. Kristina lead us to bus stop explained a map of bus route and said where we have to step out. Everything looked clear. Bus came. We make our bow . Well we had to step out at third stop. But problem was that bus was not stopping… It stopped only in the end of its route. OOPsss ! The driver took some fruits and it seemed that he will stay here for a while. Everyone went out of bus… we wanted to know how long he will stay here and if he is coming back the same route. BUT :) his English was horrible. So we stepped out. One lady came in the bus and started to talk with driver. After minute came to us and showed to come in…but we didn’t have tickets anymore … but he tried to ask where we are going…then said to stay. After two more minutes (after he ate his orange) he went. In maybe second stop he said to us go to metro and go to city center to get a train or bus :) that was nice. That place where he let us was right one. We just needed to cross the road and start hitchhiking :)

SO from here comes other advice for tourists. If you don't know place, but know a name of bus stop so better don't try to count stops…because some of them you can miss, some of them won’t be marked. It is better to try to ask driver to say to you then will be your stop.

That highway was a bit too fast for that but one old man stopped and helped us. He was listening some calm and classic music so it was making feel us sleepy :) As he told then he was young he was also hitchhiking so that’s why he took us. With him we were driving about 100 km or something like that. He let us out in highway and after few moments came police and said to go out of that area…so we went to sideway there were some taxing points so near them we stood and hoped that someone will take us :) and soon one man took us. He was French and his English was poor but he was happy to use it …Almost all way he was saying that we are behaving wrong by hitchhiking, that it is stress for our parents and so on. He let us soon and we were glad. :) we stood on next taxing point.

It is quite good place, because cars moves slowly …they can notice you and a card with city’s name you are going to. But there is not much space for standing …

Then for us stopped nice young French man :) But couldn’t speak English at all. If we understood right so his job is to drive these fast trains . :) So in highway he also drew fast… after one more 100 km he let us near one more taxing point… in that place were for trucks and in other side were for cars… I was a bit afraid of that highways so we stayed in that side there were for trucks….after while we noticed a car coming to this side…strange..driver stopped and from car stepped out a guy…hitchhiker like we…..then driver asked us where we are going and said “jump in” . Some truck were standing behind him but he didn’t care :)

And small advice if you are traveling with your own car.. better don't go through taxing points which are for truck, because in there are bigger taxes :)

I don't remember much about this driver…soon he us left near other taxing point. Interesting coming to Barcelona we never stood in these places and now while coming back it was the main our stopping point. :) Now for our surprise stopped a lady. :) French. With little nice doggy in front seat. She took us to a better place to hitchhiked …it was about 30 km… also she showed Avignon city :) we took some pictures through the window. She was cute..Her English was poor but she tried and was using sign language.. her French accent was lovely :) we were first hitchhikers who she took. :) Well and again she let us out near taxing point. :) Little by little evening was coming.

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