Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 8]

Next morning (18 of May) we went to see Sagrada Familia. Well I have been inside in January so this time for me it was not necessary and Vilma wasn’t so interested in seeing it from inside or to spend all day in museum. It would take at least half of day. So we just turned around, I told some details I have remembered and we carried on to see buildings like La Pedrera, Casa Batllo. Then a little break in the beach… There differently from Lithuanian beaches you can’t hear sough of waves …and no silence. There all the time people are suggesting you to buy coconuts, beer, sprite or even some Asian women offers you massage or tattoo. Last two you can pick up from catalogue. There is two possibilities or you closing your eyes and ignoring them or staying with open eyes and consistently repeat “No” “No I don't need” “No I don't want” “No thank you” “NO” :) And after while it sounds in your head “ Hola samahe masahe?” “Servesa beer servese” :) So these phrases became some kind jokes between me and Vilma for a while.

Lieing in the beach I remembered that we don't have any food for trip. In Lithuania it would be no problem to do shopping in the evening…quite late evening, but here shops works from 9 am to 9pm. Or even 9.15 to 8.45… I am not sure where that 15 min is but they are. In my plan for that day’s sightseeing was left one more park (Park de la Cuitadela) and Ark de Triumf. So we left beach quite soon. Well and water was cold as in January :) I even couldn’t wade…. Freezing cold. But weather for sunbathing was perfect. Hot sun and fresh wind …

So we quickly walked through the park. Then marched through alley leading to Ark de triumph. Meanwhile not forgetting to take pictures :) We did faster than I expected but still it was not clear if we will get on time to shopping center… well but everything went ok… we did shopping and got some free milk :) and came back home. There we had our last supper with Kristina, Nojus, Driss, Audrone. In that evening we had to taste two interesting things. For the beginning was grilled birdie. :) Nobody could tell us what kind of bird it was but… small and tasty :) Latter on somehow hookah appeared. But the interesting part was minty tobacco. It was best one I have ever tried. Perfect. So we were sitting and chatting though tomorrow morning we planned to start our journey back to Lithuania (but our bags weren’t packed). Oh about tobacco. In Spain it is interesting system. If you want to buy some cigarettes or tobacco you have to go to special shop only for tobacco. :) If you will try to get some in supermarket so you will definitely be out of conceit. But don't worry if you need some at night then shop is not working so go to pub or club and by in a machine (similar we have for coffee).
I wanted that evening never end….

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