Friday, March 30, 2007

My Birthday
It was on 28th of March. The day when I had two big tests and long long day at university. But it was one of the lovliest. :)
I was very happy to get flowers, but it also sad to see how they were dieing without the water. Finaly I invented that I can soak them into a bottle of mineral water, whom drank me colleague. It was comic to carry this composition to lecture. :)
In thee end of the day, when I was going home by bus, people were looking strange to my flowers. BUT I fell very happy, even I knew, that I wrote my tests not very good.
Nex day, I and three my firends went to get-together evening. We enjoyed it. I honestly recomend to visit next get-together evening. here you can see what is going on in that evening. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mildaite!!!!

I wish you could find happiness in simple beautiful things, I wish you could enjoy every single minute, i wish you everything what is the best in this world!

And this is little wonderful nature miracle. Just for you!!!

Tai su gimtadieniu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, I think interesting news...

Maybe everybody already knows that, but I got it just today...:)
Yesterday Yahoo officially announced, that they are going to make their e-mail boxes unlimited size from this year May..:). Now they offer 1 GB size mail box. For example Microsoft and Coogle now offers about 2GB and 2.8 GB mail boxes. It is a big chance, that there wont be necessary to delete old and very very old e-mails. But is it possible to use over 2GB just for mail? Of coure the situation changes then big attachments are used (foto, video, mp3 or somethink like that).

This might show, that IT technologies are developing very fast. A few years ago we were using for example just 4 MB mail boxes.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Some jokes to make more and more bright mood (sorry, this time, just in lithuanian)...

Petriuko mama pakelia telefono ragelį.
- Laba diena, gal kalbuosi su Petriuko mama?
- Taip.
- Jūs tik neišsigąskite, bet po chemijos pamokos mums teko jį nuvežti į ligoninę.
- Jėzau Marija! Ką jis vėl iškrėtė?
- Nieko, tiesiog spaudos klaida chemijos vadovėlyje.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Spring
Every day brings more and more spring: blossoms, sun, smiles, warm...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Summer Time

Lastly it seems that winter is gone and we have some worm weahter. It is the begining of summer time. And if I am correct this night is the one then we need to turn our clocks one hour ahead ( I gues it is important for lithuanians, I don't know if other countrys are goint to turn their cloks ahead now? ). It is important not to miss that, or it is big chance to be late every there...:)

*Nepamirškite pasukti laikrodžių :)

Friday, March 23, 2007


Some relation to story about hard day, told by by Pelene previously..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I admire such persons. They need quite much efforts in order to read. But inspite of everything they do!!! They go to library and trying to catch up what is going on the world!
and me... i'm so lazy to study..
Interesting finding...

Today I was surfing an internet to find out what is going new this day. I have to say I found interesting thing. It seems that technology companies werw working hard to make our wirelless networks more safer. One of such companies have created a special paints which have to painted on wall and they do not allow the network waves to get out side the building...

Quite interesting thing. Ofcourse I don't know exactly the security of this method, but the company "EM-SEC Coating" werw testing this method for ouver three years and know these paints are used by USA special forces.

So this is just small notion about still fast sience and technologies progress.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A hard day
At the moment I got up yesterday I felt something bad. The whole body was heavy. Later I undesrtood what was going on, nothing seriuos and it had nothing related with two stories bellow.
At the same morning while some my friends of Spanish class and me were waiting for a professor, I asked: "Girl, what's happening with you, you are so silent in this morning". And I got the answer I didn't expect. She said her mother has died a few days before. It was a young healthy woman of 49 years old. She was getting a shower and one vessel of the head broke... Can you imagine? In the morning everything is like always, and in the evening you find your mum died..
After my classes on my way to home I have met another friend with whom and our babies we go for a walk sometimes. The last time I saw her, she was crying. She didn't want to say what happend, she just said that she was going to meet her gynae. I fought maybe she was ill and it was something serious. and yesterday, when I met her I was really happy seeing her, but it seemed to me that she has lost some weight (despite that she always was very slim). We were talking about the fest of christening of her little boy. And later she told to me, that she was pregnant again. And that day a few weeks ago she made an abortion.. She decided to do it and her husband agreed with her because their first baby is still very little (he still hasn't one year old) and her organism still isn't prepared to have another baby.
I'm happy because of her, that she is happy now, but.. I deeply regret because of the baby. Even if I don't never it is easy to hear such a thing..
So, yesterday it was a painful day. And I have got a headache till the evening.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Who wanted spring? ?!!! Spring is here!!!!!
Gal visai naudingas tinklalapis...

Internete adresu: randamas tinklalapis, kuriame galima naudotis terminologijos žodyno paslauga. Šiuo metu galima rasti maždaug 600 000 terminų įrašų, kuriuose yra daugiau kaip 1,5 milijono terminų įvairiomis kalbomis. Remiantis tuo kas rašoma apie šį portalą, galima sakyti, kad daugiausia dėmesio „EuroTermBank“ skyrė vadinamųjų naujų Europos šalių kalboms, t. y. estiškiems, vengriškiems, latviškiems, lietuviškiems ir lenkiškiems terminams bei jų atitikmenims anglų, vokiečių, prancūzų ir kitomis kalbomis (iš viso įtraukta daugiau kaip 25 kalbos).

Naujasis terminologijos portalas galėtų būti naudingas vertėjams, terminologams, redaktoriams ir visiems, kam reikia išsiversti kokį nors terminą. Toks įrankis gali būti pravartus net ir studentui, tikriausiai pasitaiko tokių situacijų, kai įprastas žodynas nepadeda rasti atsakymo. :).

Daugiau apie projektą:


This is all about new internet site wich might be helpfull if you have to deal with somekind terminolgy, translate it or explane. There is about 1,5 million terms in it already. Take a look at it, the links above.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Contrast: warm inside & cold outside
see more detailed by clicking the picture!
I need help
Maybe someone can suggest a subject about what to do my english presentation? Imagine that there is a lecture in which three people has 20 minutes to do their presentations abuot whatever they like. But I want that these 20 minutes when I will talk would be interesting for everyone. What topic should I pick?..

Friday, March 16, 2007

Creativity on the web

There was an interesting article about creativity on the web at itpro.
How do you think what is the most important thing to be successful on the web? This is more related to people who are not just simple readers (reading news portals, blogs or something like that). Worl wide web now is very flexible and fast groving. According to technorati almost every second a new web blog is created. So you can imagine the ammount of potential information.
Tim Berners-Lee says, that the web works, because it's collaborative, independent and universal. People can build on top of it, adding functionality. "You can do the thing which will be unveiled tomorrow which none of us here have imagined yet," he said.
So according to that article, the creativity is very important aspect working on the web. What do you think is it possible that without creativity your internet project may be

Full article:

Thursday, March 15, 2007

How much time do we need?

Our grandparents can tell us about long evenings of winter then neighboures used to spent time weaving and singing at somebody's house or something like that. And nowadays we barely have time to ask "how are you?" when we meet a friend on the street. We are so busy! Always we are lating somewhere: to work, to a conference, to a meeting with our ewe lamb's teacher, to family dinner, etc.

Cars, computers, internet, mobile phones, washing mashines and much more pieces of new technology are created to make our lifes much more comfortable. And to save our time. But how much of us have time for reading a book? Or for meeting a classmate in order to talk about the past and the present? Or to build a snowman with our kids?

Usualy we say: "not now, maybe later". And the later never comes...

These ideas came to my mind after reading a book "Tyranny of the moment" by Thomas Hyland Eriksen. He says that we are living in the age of "tyranny of moment". It is neither good nor bad. Just slow time (time to read a book, to go to the theatre, to play with your own children, etc.) becomes a luxury thing in our lifes.

Personally I believe that namely slow time has a persistent value. So, maybe we can change something in our daily routine, can't we?
Trumpai apie naujas galimybes.
Visas blog'e patalpintas nuotraukas galima matyti viename foto albume. Jį galima rasti adresu: (reikia prisijungti).
Čia galima sukurti ir visai naują albumą, į kurį sudėtos nuotraukos nėra vaizduojamos blog'e. Šiuo metu galima patalpinti nuotraukų iki 1GB. Įvykdžius papildomas sąlygas galima gauti ir daugiau vietos.
Šį albumą galima laikyti privatų (t.y., reikia prisijungti norint peržiūrėti ar pridėti nuotraukas) arba galima leisti nuotraukas peržiūrėti visiems norintiems lankytojams. Albumas turi vartotojo sąsają, kuri leidžia atlikti dar visokių papildomų veiksmų su nuotraukomis.

Pagal informaciją

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It was I think the 22 of Fabruary. That day was a birthday of one of my friends. And.... :) you can imagine that ... :) yes we had a partyyyyyy :) but I and one girl were looking aruond the flat and found.....

a wall with pictures and scrap from papers and so on. :)
we stood and read:

What to say to
Whom we love

You are terrific. You are concurrent part of me. Love you. I am grateful to you. You are the main in my life: more important than children, than career, than friends, than everything. How it is good, that you are. I am happy, I merry with you. You are my best friend, if I could turn back time, I could merry you again. Today I want to spend time only with you. I was scant of you (= I missed you). All day I was thinking about you. It is wonderful to wake up next to you. Always love you. I like scintillation of your eyes. I trust you. I know that I could always count on you. Because of you I can feel good. I am pleased, that I am with you. Sorry! I was wrong. What would you like better? It is gratifying to listen to you. I cant imagine my life without you! I want that you feel good with me. How could I help you? You are present for me. Thank you for your love. Thank you for accepting me the way I am

We were delighted that's why I decided to translate it from lithuanian to english. ;) this time I couldn't to post here some photos so I promise next time add photos. :) of original text .