Friday, March 30, 2007

My Birthday
It was on 28th of March. The day when I had two big tests and long long day at university. But it was one of the lovliest. :)
I was very happy to get flowers, but it also sad to see how they were dieing without the water. Finaly I invented that I can soak them into a bottle of mineral water, whom drank me colleague. It was comic to carry this composition to lecture. :)
In thee end of the day, when I was going home by bus, people were looking strange to my flowers. BUT I fell very happy, even I knew, that I wrote my tests not very good.
Nex day, I and three my firends went to get-together evening. We enjoyed it. I honestly recomend to visit next get-together evening. here you can see what is going on in that evening. :)


Meras said...

ok, I'll check that link

Pelene said...

lovely and very funny:)
is it possible to go there for anybody who wants?

Mildaite said...

YES, definitely there can go everyone who wants :) I saw dancinh litle children and midle-adge people there. Entrance is for free, just organizers is asking to put on yellow or red or green singlet to make a dancing flag. :)