Friday, March 16, 2007

Creativity on the web

There was an interesting article about creativity on the web at itpro.
How do you think what is the most important thing to be successful on the web? This is more related to people who are not just simple readers (reading news portals, blogs or something like that). Worl wide web now is very flexible and fast groving. According to technorati almost every second a new web blog is created. So you can imagine the ammount of potential information.
Tim Berners-Lee says, that the web works, because it's collaborative, independent and universal. People can build on top of it, adding functionality. "You can do the thing which will be unveiled tomorrow which none of us here have imagined yet," he said.
So according to that article, the creativity is very important aspect working on the web. What do you think is it possible that without creativity your internet project may be

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ichigiku said...

sorry, i don't feel like i have time to read all article, but I'm sure about one thing. creativity helps everywhere. it's much easier to live with creativity. But I don't say it's impossible to live without creativity. or maybe everybody neccessary has some creativity, just different level of it..
well, it's time finish my thoughts, cause I feel i don't say anything clever :D

atikus said...

Well I can`t live without creativity and now...maybe only maybe without internet have a good weekend

Iliked your blog too :D

Meras said...

Thanks for comments :)