Saturday, March 24, 2007

Summer Time

Lastly it seems that winter is gone and we have some worm weahter. It is the begining of summer time. And if I am correct this night is the one then we need to turn our clocks one hour ahead ( I gues it is important for lithuanians, I don't know if other countrys are goint to turn their cloks ahead now? ). It is important not to miss that, or it is big chance to be late every there...:)

*Nepamirškite pasukti laikrodžių :)


Pelene said...

aciu :)

ichigiku said...

as atsukau..:)
dbar diena kokia ilga atrodo!!!

Meras said...

visai gerai kai ilgiau sviesu :)

atikus said...

yes in Spain we must turn our clocks one hour ahead,too!
mmm, I can´t understand your jokes, buaaaa!!!...:(