Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Once again, I think interesting news...

Maybe everybody already knows that, but I got it just today...:)
Yesterday Yahoo officially announced, that they are going to make their e-mail boxes unlimited size from this year May..:). Now they offer 1 GB size mail box. For example Microsoft and Coogle now offers about 2GB and 2.8 GB mail boxes. It is a big chance, that there wont be necessary to delete old and very very old e-mails. But is it possible to use over 2GB just for mail? Of coure the situation changes then big attachments are used (foto, video, mp3 or somethink like that).

This might show, that IT technologies are developing very fast. A few years ago we were using for example just 4 MB mail boxes.

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Mildaite said...

:) I think that mail boxes are enough spacious :)