Friday, August 28, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 11]

20 of May…in the morning we stopped in some petrol station.. the man asked us for money…strange thing to pay then you are hitchhiking…but… but driver had problems with paying because there was petrol station to pay only by cards… so he was looking who could help him… so one good man paid with his card and got money from our driver… stupid situation, but what we could do… it was too late to change the car… going again… border..Germany…finally :) after some hours the driver let away the woman. She wished luck to us and gone. After her leaving driver started to talk about her… how he don't like her and that she is crazy. Latter he begin to talk about himself…that he makes wine and now he is bringing some bottles to customers…blab la blab la … I still don't like him.. and now Vilma don't like him as well…We were glad then our ways separated. Of course we had to walk about 2-3 km to get to right direction. It was sunny morning and to marsh with bags was so hot and tiring but nice weather and nice surroundings helped to have good mood. Actually fields and forest remind Lithuanian ones…so we felt closer to home. In petrol station we had some food and moved along. Now stopped strange driver but in good way. He was working with companies like Ford and other cars companies. He was creating robots or something like that. High quality specialist but not proud. He was always saying “It is JUST a job” “It is JUST a car” (even it was new one). He had really different way of thinking. He told us his story how he hitchhiked to Franc to take a photo for his grandmother :) He was just a student and had no money. His grandmother before death wanted to see something in Franc so asked him to go and to take a picture… and he did it : :) Other strange thing he told was that he is organizing 24houres races of old tractors. :) It was interesting to listen how his minds were flouting …He said “where this world is rolling?” He said that now people behaves not responsible with all dangerous remains … for example remains from nuclear power-station. He said that in past paaaaaast people were more mindful. Now people are just putting all nuclear remains into capsule and digging into ground… In past they were more careful. He asked if we know about Atlántida. Of course we do. Then he spoke again. People in Atlántida had a lot of loot of nuclear remains, but they managed to leave it safe… that it won’t cause harm to future generations. He asked if we know how they did that. .. well no..we didn't know… so he asked other question, if we know a Stonehenge in G. Britain. :) no doubts everyone knows it. :) So his opinion were that people from Atlántida all their nuclear remains had dig into ground and built a Stonehenge as a warning sign. It was totally new explanation for us of Stonehenge purpose. It surprised us… (well in that case now 2009 07 21 I tried to look some information in internet…but I found only theories that it was made on spiritual purpose or healing…but nothing about warinig… , or everyone has own opinion.) Spending time with people like him takes you into other world :) Then we stepped out of his car so we said to each other that all our drivers are crazy in their own way…but SO crazy :) and we were like wow this one was good one :) like from television films about boys drowned in science world. :) Nature in Germany was not very special… almost like Lithuanian just maybe hills was a little bit higher… After little break we came back to road. Well not exactly on the road, because in Germany like in Italy, Spain, Austria highways are too dangerous to stand in it and it is forbidden. Better or best place to stay is petrol station or taxing point…but we prefer petrol station the bigger the better :) you can refresh yourself, you can buy if you need something and more people are coming and in petrol station you can go to people directly and speak… or you can stood near the exit and hold a tablet with cities name. Both these strategies has their pros and cons. If you are going to people directly so maybe while you are talking to one who is going wrong direction other person can pass by and could go to right direction. But talking directly you are taking notice… Or even if person is going to opposite side maybe he could give you a good advice how to behave or where to go or something else. Or just can chat a moment with you and give you good emotions. While standing near the exit you can’t take notice to you, your personality or direction you are going. Often people even don't read tablets. But there is and a good side. Then you are standing with tablet or just a thumb up stops only these people who wants to help. Differently then you are going directly to people… everything depends on situation and location. Sometimes one is better and sometimes other.

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