Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 5]

Rain was still pouring …this petrol station was smaller and closed. Luckily it had a shelter near the wall where were a window for customers. There were two black men. Personally I didn't trust them and I am not talking about considering a possibility to go with them. But Vilma wasn’t so negative. They smiled and gave us some coffee and bought some more for themselves. We noticed a plastic utensil on the ground with some remains of food. They had a dinner in there :)
It was third night on the road… I missed homemade food.

Black guys started to chat to us in French… we – in English. :) They couldn’t believe how we could be in Franc and do not know the language. But somehow with signs we had small conversation. In their car was place for 3 people, they were 2 and 2 of us. So even they wanted to take us they couldn't. :) for me it was a relief. :) Don’t get me wrong .. I am not a racist…just sometimes I feel I can’t trust person…doesn't matter if he/she is white or black or whatever…you’ll see latter. :)

We were tired and …tired..sometimes you are more tired psychologically than physically…we wanted to get a shower and bed to sleep :) such simple thinks seamed could make us happy…other thing was…..together 24 +24 + 12 hours (about)… even we haven’t seen each other for long time we already deplete all topics …or we just get tired of talking at all.. and weather didn’t helped this time… mine clothes and shoes was ok but for Vilma was worse…she felt cold and her wet shoes made everything worse… we spend in there few hours..Vilma tried to read her jottings from university, dance…I also had my mp3 but…in my head was Nothing box :) For a while there was no people coming to petrol station…it was about 2 to 4 am… About 5 am..the man who was working there went out to clean the area and noticed us. He was friendly and asked us how long we are here, where we are going and told us that after 30 min he will let us inside the building. But at that time cars started to come and he had to work…First few cars was fool so we even didn’t bother to go to talk with drivers.

A little bit later one posh car came. A man look to a line near reception window and asked us if we are hitchhiking. Interesting stuff that in Franc people mostly by themselves are coming to us. So this man said that if we want he can take us about 70 km. He took something and we all sat in the car…and the man from petrol station ran to as with a map :) he explained something in French to driver and wished good luck to us. :) As we decided that man in posh car was gay…but it was so good to sit comfortably in soft leather seat… and close eyes for a moment… well… about hour :) but it look like a moment. The driver look tired but careful… took us as possible to better place. But he was tired and didn’t showed interest to talk to us . . .

It was getting light …but still cloudy… this petrol station was big…with shopping center and parking for trucks. So here we hoped that will be easy to get a car. But it took some time….Here we tried everything : directly asking people , stopping cars near the exit … But rains was still bothering…So we were spending some time outside and some under a shelter. In that shopping center we found two more hitchhikers (two guys but not friends and one couple). With boys we chatted for a moment. But they were strange and I guess not interested in chatting so we didn't waste our time and went back to look for a driver.

One thing happened which I will not forget for ever :) A posh and big limousine stopped. :) Two black young guys smiled and asked where we are going … Barselona… and they said it is sad but they were going to Cannes….mmmm… Why they were going not to Barcelona… :) But latter on we found on older man who was going to Barcelona ! there was left about 350 km… From first sight that man look scary and not friendly.. But in that time we had spend together we had really great time :) He was laughing at us what we were eating :) Bananas is not food for him it is a dessert :) he made a sandwiches for us and gave some yoghurt, nuts and candies. He was laughing that small girls with big bags running to him and shouting “Mister mister Barcelona ,Barcelona” :) He was sarcastic but kind … showed something and told what he knew about that object. He was like our guide.

Finally then we were in Barcelona…did I told that he was a truck driver was Hungarian? And with truck he couldn’t go inside the city so we were somewhere in one circuit. He stopped at petrol station and demand to call to my cousin or that she called to us.. he was worrying about how we will get into the city… he asked then we are coming back to Lithuania ..maybe he could took us…I don't remember but if he gave to us his phone number or we ours to him….
Just we got out of truck and trying to put warm clothes inside the bags, one guy was watching us…and came to us… he was local and friendly wanted to help for hitchhikers … explained how to get into city and that he was also hitchhiking and knows how it is …such a relief.. and we like saying bye-bye and just for common interest Vilma asked from where he is. And He smiled “ Well I bet you will not know that country, but anyway from Lithuania” :) :) well you can imagine how funny that was :) chatted with him for a while. He took us to his job…he was working near in one hotel. He gave a map and phone number just in case. As he said first we tried to hitchhike near the exit of that area… and after few minutes two ladies stopped. Young girl with mother. They took us into city center. There I knew how to deal with :) metro … and home sweet home :) even it was not mine but could offer me a bed :)

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