Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 7]

Next morning we also slept quite long…It was Sunday 17 of May. This day was for Park Guel. HOT !!! HOT!!! HOT!! And high heels shoes didn't helped :) But still wonderful place. After that we came back to Kristina’s home and made some food :) ate in terrace…cozy moment. Kristina’s husband and son was somewhere out, so again three girls chatting….
I was in Barcelona second time. Most of things I was seeing second time. But I love this country and city so I was glad. Picasso I saw first time. And on Sunday evening we went to see Magic Fountains which was not working in January (then I was here first time). This fountain was working only on weekends evenings. Huge fountain playing together with music.
Later on we went to dance in some clubs. :) nothing special :) Oh the same night we stopped by in one play ground….we like swings :)…in there was a dog…strange one… first he was barking and didn’t let me to swing…but latter he came with small rock and wanted to play :) my four-legged friend :)

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