Sunday, August 27, 2006

No love, no life

Have you ever read THE ZAHIR? It's the novel of Paulo Coelho. I'm gonna read it. Some my firends said to me the book it's worth to do it.

The story is about relationships between the wife and the husband, their love and life far from each other. I will see if it's true :)

But in general, do you think the novels of love or about love usualy are true stories or just the result of someone's fantasy? Are some things to learn in such novels?

I don't know. I like to read love stories, to fell in love with heros of a book, to love and to hate with them. And I'm sure, we can learn a lot of things.

And I don't care, if it's true stories or just a fantasy. But I want to believe, that like in the stories, everybody can find his/her TRUE LOVE, to defeat all troubles and struggles, and in the end to find happiness. If not, I don't know what human being is living for.

Without love there is no life I believe.

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Meras said...

Lots of true in these words. Waiting for your further thoughts about this book.