Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day out in forest
In the morning of this day our family decided to take a day off and have some good time in the forest. These days in our country everyone who gets the chance to go to forest can't refuse the occasion to pik some mushrooms. We did almost the same thing. We were picking mushrooms in several places they are located almost in the same forest, but they have some distance between each other. We were lucky to find some good mushrooms in several of visited places. But two places was a completely with no eny mushrooms. Probably others visitors (if I can name them so) were faster and picked them some time earlier.
The most popular mushroom was like these:

In Lithuanian they are called: "umėdė" and in english - "russule".

Also we have found and more valuable mushrooms, they look like these:

In Lithuanian they are called: "baravykas" and in english - "boletus". These mushrooms and others who are related to this one are, I believe, the most desirable catch to every picker.

Generally speaking, edible mushrooms are used extensively in cooking, in many ciusines. However, a number of species of mushrooms are poisonous, and although some may resemble edible varieties, eating them could be fatal. Thats why we tried to pick only the ones that we knew are edible.

The process of picking mushrooms is useful and in other meens, not only the fact that you find them. Also it is very useful to be in a fresh air, breathe it.

If you are interested to know much more about picking mushrooms you may check these links, they might be useful:

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Pelene said...

how much edible boletus did you find ?:)

Pelene said...

hm, kaip idomiai.. kai issiunciaukomentara buvo 00:40 AM, o raso 2:45 PM

Meras said...

Bande suskaiciuoti tuos baravykus ir paaiskejo, kad ju radom apie 40, nzn ar tai daug ar mazai, greiciausiai mazai, kiti kazkodel juos kibirais skaiciuoja:).

Sitam bloge nenustaciau Lietuvos laiko juostos, todel cia man rodos laika skaiciuojam pagal amerikonus:)

Jessy said...

I know this might sound a little silly but... I'm really impressed you're from Lithuania. It's a country that's always made me interested -- because... I love the way "Lithuania" looks and because you have a fun coloured flag :)

... I'm silly. haha.


Meras said...

Hello Jessy,
Nice to hear that some is interested in Lithuania's life and even knows flag colors:)

If you are realy interested, than don't forget this blog:)you might find here some interesting news or something else.

Merija blog - taste of life

Pelene said...

here in lithuania today is fantastic day: sun shines, no rain, no wind. and i have spent a few hours picking up mushrooms, like MERAS did some days ago. it's really good to spend some time in the forest ;0)

Meras said...

Aha pritariu visai smagu kartais buna tam miske. Geras grybas tas baravykas, sveikinu su tokiu radiniu:):):)!!!