Sunday, October 22, 2006

A few days ago Lithuania was visited by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Lithuanian media payed a lot of atention to the visit. We had a possibility to hear a lot of stories about Her Majesty The Queen, royal family, monarchy and so on. And it was really interesting. Especially because the Queen made a good showing. Many people were under the impression that first of all she was really nice, sympathetic and warm person. And one signatory ( he had an opportunity to talk with the honorouble guest) on radio interview said that the queen had such a beautiful sky-blue eyes that it's worth to fall in love :)

Personally I was rapturous when Queen Elizabeth II quoted our national anthem in her speech at the Seimas in Vilnius : "May the light and the truth accompany our steps". Check it out:

However, do you think monarchy and the 21st century are compatible things? I sincerely don't know. But those monarchal things associate with romantics, splendour and raise curiosity, aren't they? :)

P.S. If you want to see more photos of the visit you can find some here:


Meras said...

Some how there some text is missing?:)

Meras said...

Ups, sorry, there was i guess some technical problems and didn't see all the article:)

ichigiku said...

well, there are monarchies in 21st century in the world. and quite many i think. UK, Norway, Danemark, Japan, Thailand (I've heard something about revoliution, is it still monarchy?)It's strange.. I could see so many king's porteaits in Thailand streets..
but sure! those monarchies really differ from medieval time..
it's so pity, i was busy and couldn't see Elisabeth II at least on TV during Her visit in Lithuania :/

Isaac Tillman said...

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ichigiku said...

is somebody alive here?
i miss new posts here!!!

Meras said...

Kartais buna gyvu :), tik pasirodo laikas dabar didelis deficitas