Sunday, September 24, 2006

Friday evening and one movie

This friday was with an evening movie called "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!" after some brake. The movie is released in 2004. It's a story about girl living in West Virginia.
Rosalee has a dream to meat someday her big screen ideal Tad Hamilton. Her dream comes true than she wins a contest - the grand prize: a date with Tad Hamilton. This contest was to make some good impresions about Tad Hamilton after his stormy and wild party. After one evening with Rosalee Tad Hamilton decides that he needs to be with her, he thinks that it would be the perfect chance for him to realize his priorities newly. So the big screen actor moves to West Virginia. Rosalee's is hapy with him, but this event becomes into a nightmare for Pete. Pete is Rosalee's friend for 22 years. After all these years he decides that it is time to tell Rosalee that he is in love with her too.
Fortunately Rosalee realize who's love is true in the end of the film. And big screen actor comes home alone.
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Pelene said...

it seems like easy lovely movie, isn't it?

Meras said...

Aga, it is:)

BionicBuddha said...

This movie was ok, but I did not think it was great. There have been many better movies made since this one.

This has also diluted the quality of the content and the marginal advertising revenues, because there are so many different places to advertise with.

Meras said...

I am not advertising this movie, just telling that I watched it, and don't think that it is great, it is just a simple movie :)