Sunday, September 10, 2006

秋の色/Autumn Colours

秋の色/Autumn Colours
Generally I love colours in autumn, I mean colourful leaves of trees. But when I saw Japnese autumn, I just fell in love with it!!! It's so bright, so colourful, actually no rain, and warm enough. Just take a look at my pictures and you will see!

Carpet of dried leaves

Autumn in Kyoto

A look between trunks

Boat behind the tree

Dead leaves in river

Colours of leaves, sky and roof

Autumn in mountains

A fan of leaves

Amazing forms

Colours of Osaka

Rainy day

Very bright colours


jose luis said...


Meras said...

YEE, realy nice:)

Pelene said...

amazing collection of photos. i hope we will have a possibility to see more, won't we?

ichigiku said...

thank you!!! thanks to everybody! I think that autumn is really amazing. it wouldn't be nice photos, if weren't nice views;)

R2K said...

Wow very nice.

Carlos said...

Splendorous images. They are really worth watching. Beauty at its most.

kanadoko said...

Wow, these photos are really nice!

ichigiku said...

Thank you Alex, Carlos and Kanadoko!!!