Thursday, September 28, 2006

An old map

Adding some colors to the blog. I found one historicaly interesting map. Here is a copy of an old map I found on the internet the other night. It is interesting, because here you can see what was Europe like in around 1500. Countries names and there possitions on the map are I would say different from now a days.
One more interesting thing is that it is possible o see that Lithuania is so big, that it reaches even the black see.
Take a look at it:


bop.blop.bloop said...

Thanks Meras for visiting my blog. =)

Yours is a really interesting blog too with notable discussions and also wonderful pictures.

I will be travelling to Kyoto and Osaka on the 2nd week of October. Can someone tell me where i should go in these 2 places to catch the fall colours, especially the maple trees? =)

Meras said...

Hi, thanks for comments, I gues ichigiku, the member of this blog could tell you something about that:)

ichigiku said...

I am happy I can say something;) But I am sorry to say it's too early to be able to see maple trees in red in october. Last year maples became really nice just in the end of nowember or even in december. Anyway, have good time in your visit bop.blop.bloop!

bop.blop.bloop said...

Thanks Ichigiku. =)

In your opinion, should i still go to the forested areas or mountains in Osaka? I thought i would be able to see red maples.

Or any places that you will suggest for me to go? Are you guys in Tokyo? =)

ichigiku said...

em... I am afraid that nowhere is possible to red maples at such time in Japan, maybe very north of japan, like hokkaido. but I am not sure. sorry. For now i am Lithuania. Those pictures in this blog was taken last year.
Kyoto is very nice city. It has many wonderful temples with gardens. for example Kiyomizu dera, Kinkakuji, nice to walk along Kamo river.. there are a lot of things to do:)