Friday, September 29, 2006

Day Trip To Trakai

It was friday (15th of September), we didn't have classes and still good weather!!! So, we decided to have a trip to small town Trakai which is near our current capital. As I mentioned Trakai was very small town, but it's so lovely! Trakai is the old capital (medieval time) and it has wonderful castle!
In my opinion, it would be better to use less words and more pictures! Please, take a look;)

Our trip starded on the train. We had one person among us, who had the very first jurney by train!!!:) He liked it so much!

When we finally arrived to trakai, we were so hungry. So we went to restaurant of traditional Karaites dishes. It was really really good;)

There is a street, where the karaites have been living since the Grand Duke Vytautas (14th century) brought them to Trakai from Crimea. They used to be servant in the castle and Vytautas's bodyguards. This street has distinctive architecture of Karaites.

The old gate in front of the building of Karaites cult (Kenessa)

And finally we have castle!!! It's the only castle of island in East Europe. It is surrounding by lakes.

We are bigger than the castle! hehe.. All together we travelled to trakai that day.

It's me! balancing on the edge..

So nice to touch the ground;)

You can buy some souveniers here...

Trying to climb on the wall hehe

Me again...

While waiting bus to go home in the super market. Baby was tired...


Meras said...

It seems that, that was a very joyful and fun trip:). Besides I have never been traveling with train and I think I saw Trakai maybe for one time ore maybe two I'm not sure:).

ichigiku said...

aren't you joking? Haven't you really travelled by train? Vow!
Let me ask have you seen something more than the castle in Trakai?

Meras said...

That was long time ago, I think a saw the castle and the main street in Trakai...

Sharon said...

you are sooo right! words don't begin to describe the beauty of Trakai. What a fun day.