Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Sometimes it seems that it's more easy to live without believing in God. There are so many prohibitions, laws and duties, which it's not only hard to follow, but also sometimes it's hard to understand why it must be like that (for example contraception). An infidel just does what he/she wants and doesn't care about anything. An catholic has a lot of dilemmas.
Besides, it seems that an average human being never can be sure what is wrong and what is right. When you have a doubt it's better to ask to someone who is competent to answer. But sometimes you have no idea that something is wrong to do. For example, to make some kind of yoga. But the worst is that there are some cases when there is no opportunity to repair guilt despite you did something without knowing that it's bad to do.
Just imagine the situation. You are in love with a Muslim, a Buddhist or a person from other religiuos. And firstly you had a marriage according to religious traditions of your partner. Later you want to have a marriage in catholic church (because without it you can't live allowedly with a person you love). And for the first time you hear that it's impossible, because you have already married in the tample of other confession. So, what to do in this case?
It was just a few and I believe very subjective examples. But what I want to say is that theology and canon law are really complicated thing. It's really hard to follow Jesus Christ's teaching. And if you fall in love with somebody of other religion, it's really difficult to find a way to be a good Catholic and to be a correct and fair with a person you love ( I mean that that person wouldn't suffer.)
And one thing more. Is it possible to explain to a free-thinker how much wedding in the church or christening of a baby means to a Catholic? It's quite hard to find any rational arguments to prove it. It's just a feeling that those religiuos sacramentals it's really importan. And I'm not sure if a Catholic can find peace of mind without it...


Meras said...

Labai gilios mintys... sunku net pasakyti ka nors

Sharon said...

I noticed you commented on my post today, so I thought I would check out yours. Your thoughts on Catholicism and the difficulties you face living out your faith was interesting to me. I am not catholic, but I do work for a catholic diocese in a healing ministry. I am taking classes to learn more about your faith too.
I grew up in a protestant pastor's home and have a deep faith in Jesus. I would love to talk to you more about your experiences and learn from you too. Hope you have a good day.

Pelene said...

It would be really nice to discuss about those religiuos things and experiences :) But what are you interesting in the most?

Sharon said...

hi pelene...i am always amazed by God's grace and mercy that he has for us. how about you?