Friday, September 08, 2006

Social life and social problems

I Hope this post will not stop discussions about internet media, that is interesting one:).
I guess this post will be something like that, but a bit different, because of it's field. It is interesting for me and I am sure for every one else who is not indifferent to social life and social problems.
You are welcome to leave here your thoughts about any social problem you know in your country or around the world. For example, you can say what you think about inequalities of age and the difficulties of caring for growing numbers of elderly in some societies, crime, violence, drugs, problems of education,
environmental problems, population problems... Or any other that I haven't mention here. Or you may describe how do you understend social problem it's self (that could be like definition of it).
So have a nice time discussioning here. And of course have a nice weekend, it's already starting:)


Pelene said...

Is it interesting for you migration, and the problems related to?
you know, in Lithunia there are a lot of discusions about it.
ir beje, tas centras, kur dirba tavo destytoja, berods visai neseniai gavo finansavima tyrimams susijusiams su migracija. deja, nezinau jokiu detaliu

Meras said...

Gal visai ir idomu migracija:)