Thursday, November 23, 2006

Some work and thoughts

Here is some short summury of one of my works, lately I am spending lots of time on it.

Internet becomes more and more popular, it takes place as information and modern communication mean. On the other hand it is quite new and not much research phenomenon. Because of that this article goal is to systematize information and identify the major difficulties which are faced by Lithuania’s organization in creating there own web sites. It is necessary to touch both technical and communicational aspects, because they are very associated.
Identifying basic tapes of internet sites and basic functions they should perform lets to identify basic categories of difficulties that may rise when organization tries to create a web site or to maintain it. According to research result and statistical data, more and more organizations heads thinks that internet is important for their business and helps to earn more money (TNS Gallup).
Short research about Lithuania’s organizations web sites reveals that there is quite bis number of organizations that uses web sites as electronical business solutions or uses them as big addition to their business. But still there is quite big number of organization that do not have internet sites.

I still working on this article or something like that.

Lots of thanks to Pelene for helping with this task.


Pelene said...

I did nothing dear Meras;)But you said nothing about your presentation.. To be honest about two presentations:)

Today I have met your friend in the library - he was preparing his task for tomorrow Kasatkina's class:)

ichigiku said...

i don't know anything about webpages of organisations from inside.. i don't know how they help for buisness.
but personally I like to find some information in internet. sometimes I face with not updated web pages for long time, and I really hate it! internet is tool of fast communication, so I prefer to get very new information:)

Meras said...

Sutinku, kad retai atnaujinami interneto psl. nera labai malonu, kai reikia rasti informacijos.

O prezentacija buvo vos ne kaip daktaro darbo gynimas, kruvos klausimu ir t.t.