Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Magic of Conferences

When I hear somebody saying conference the first association which comes to my mind is boring.
But it isn't! People who loves their job or/and have a lot of experience bring a lot of interesting ideas and thougts to share. And I love atmosphere of confrences. I find it collegial, friendly and even romantic a little bit. And the small presents from organizers make you smiling.
When I am in a conference I feel I am a part of something really important. And I'm proud of myself. Even if I am only a participant, not speaker. And I get an inspiration to do something. For example, to try to do my best with thesis of master, or at least to spend a nice afternoon playing with my little son outside :)
However, the most useful thing in conferences is a possibility to meet a right person while drinking coffee or wine with some sweeties. The person who will become your employee or employer, or a partner to make a project. Or it can be a possibility to shake hand of somebody you like and respect very much: a politician, a scientist, a writer..


Meras said...

Nice and interesting point of view

ichigiku said...

pamisele :D
arba konferenciju fanatike :D
though interesting essay :)

Pelene said...

:) you must try to feel the same :)

Mildaite said...

:) really, I feel sometimes the same. But there is a difference. I can't meet any popular, useful people :) and I have no idea how to get in such conferences. :) can you give examples? where have you attended?

Pelene said...

ach, just look at, or intranet of vdu - every week you can find some conferences or public seminars. the only thing you need is not to be lazy :)