Thursday, August 02, 2007

Top Gear polar

Yesterday I got the chance to watch "Top Gear" special program.
( Top Gear probably is the best car show in Britain. )

This time the program was about journey to the North Pole. I would say that was quite interesting to watch, because of the extreme challenges and other things that might be seen on this program :). The question was Who will make it to the North Pole first? The one who is using a car to get there, or the one who is using dogs and othe equipment that is necessary for that kind of trip.
It was very exiting to watch what difficulties they ar facing and how hard is to survive under minus 65 degrees temperature. At first I thought that travelling with the car might be very easy. But it seams that it is not so. There might be lots of reasos for that, for example, too thin ice, lots of snow and etc... There was a few momemts then these travelling with a car were thinking that they are not going to make it to the end.
In such a conditions it's so difficult to build even a tent especially then you are so tired after all day working to get you couple of miles a head.
So in short I think that was worth of watching it.:)
Ques, who is the most likely to be the winner?
The car and it's drivers there faster...:)

* Laidos "Aukščiausioji pavara" vedantieji šį kartą kaip ir lenktyniavo, kuris pirmiau nukeliaus į Šiaurės Polių. Vienas iš jų keliavo su automobiliu, o kitas su šunimis ir rogėmis. Kiek buvo galima matyti, važiuojančių automobiliu gyvenimo sąlygos buvo kiek geresnės, gal kiek mažiau sušalo. Nors statyti palapines buvo sunku abiem ekipažam.
Kas galėtų būti tokių lenktynių laimėtojas?
Patikėsite ar ne, bet važiuojantys automobiliu Šaiurės polių pasiekė greičiau. Nors buvo tikrai keletas momentų, kai atrodė, kad laimėtojas dar gali būti neaiškus...:)

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ichigiku said...

real extreme!!!!!!!!! i wanna experience something like that. Tikriausiai keliauti ne automobiliu, nebutinai i poliarini rata, bet kazka tokio labai ipatingo ir ispudingo..