Saturday, April 12, 2008

World’s First dual-SIM Windows Mobile Smartphones

Some time ago there was an article about dual-SIM mobile phones here. And there are some more news about dual - SIM phones again, but this time it is about so called smartphones.

One of the firts dual sim mobile phones is Samsung D780. Now we have some news, that HKC made quite a surprise with what they’re calling the world’s first dual-SIM Windows Mobile smartphones. The design of the W1000 and G1000 (the former being dual CDMA and GSM, the latter dual GSM) may not light any new aesthetic fires, but their functionality is quite reasonable: a 200MHz Qualcomm CPU, 256MB ROM and 64MB RAM, microSD slot and USB, crowned by a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen.

One of the reason why it is interesting is the ability to not only have two SIM cards fitted but to access them at the same time (or, in the case of the W1000, registered to a CDMA account as well as have a GSM SIM in place), including being able to separately deactivate one or the other from the Windows Mobile interface. That way it is possible to keep personal account active, but avoid the office calling you by turning off your business account.

Both versions are apparently available now, with 2-megapixel cameras, Bluetooth (with the A2DP wireless stereo profile) and the usual WM office suite. No WiFi or GPS, which HKC lose marks for, though there is a dedicated stock market hotkey.

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*Pirmasis dviejų sim kortelių windows išmanusis telefonas

Hkc pristatė, kaip jie vadina, pirmąjį pasaulyje išmanųjį telefoną galintį dirbti su dvejomis sim kortelėmis. Pristatyti du modeliai W1000 ir G1000. Šie modeliai pasižymi tokiomis savybėmis kaip 200MHz CPU, 256MB ROM and 64MB RAM, microSD ir USB jungtys, 2.8- colių QVGA prisilietimui jautrus ekranas, 2-megapikselių kamera, Bluetooth. Deja, nėra galimybės naudotis WiFi ir GPS. Viena iš įdomesnių savybių yra tai, kad abiejomis sim kortelėmis galima naudotis tuo pačiu metu.

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