Monday, June 16, 2008

Nokia unveils two new Nokia Eseries devices

Various technology related internet news sites these days pays some attention to stylish Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 multimedia computers. So what is so interesting about these new mobile multimedia computers.

One of the most interesting things is that the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 - the latest email-optimized devices from the Nokia Eseries product range. According to Nokia the sleek Nokia E71 with full QWERTY keyboard and the stylish, slide-to-open Nokia E66 easily mobilize a broad range of personal or professional messaging needs, including Microsoft Exchange, the world's most widely adopted corporate email solution.

This is not the only features of these devices. Nokia describes and these features, in addition to email and personal information management, the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 support the latest Ovi services including maps, music and media sharing that power users expect from their device. This includes fast and seamless browsing with HSDPA, wireless LAN and 3G connectivity, Assisted GPS (A-GPS) and Nokia Maps for navigation, a music player with support for up to 8 GB expandable memory and a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera.

These devices might be interesting for various sizes business, because of other included features such as a built-in encryption functionality for both the device memory and for the memory card.

These devices might have and quite big range of additional accessories, more about it at Nokia web site.

Here is some pictures:
Nokia E71

Nokia E66

* Nokia E71 ir Nokia E66

Pastaruoju metu internetiniuose technologijų naujienų tinklalapiuose gana daug dėmesio skiriama naujiesiems Nokia E71 ir Nokia E66. Šie stilingi verslo klasės telefonai pasižymi savybėmis, kurios daugiausiai siejasi su elektroniniu paštu. Nokia E71 su pilna "QWERTY" tipo klaviatūra ir Nokia E66 "Slide" tipo telefonas leidžia naudotis tokiomis paslaugomis kaip "Microsoft Exchange".

Plačios elektroninio pašto galimybės nėra vienintelės, kuriomis gali pasigirti naujieji telefonai. Keletas kitų savybių, galima naudoti atminties korteles iki 8GB, integruota duomenų šifravimo sistema ir kt. Išsamesnės informacijos galima rasti Nokia tinklalapyje.

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