Monday, January 08, 2007

Communication is the most important thing in our lives. We socialize to get and give information, to relax, to plain, and for many other reasons. It is so consequently that we live in community. Living in society is under pressure. Specially youth’s communication is complicated, because they want to be the best and afraid to reveal their sensitive personalities.
In the beginning people understood each other from flourishes and mimes. Words are just symbols which have no meaning. People give the meaning for them. The 65 percent information which is delivered is not verbal and only 35 percent – verbal. But when the message is connected with intense emotions, then not verbal signals reach 93 percents. Because of that a lot of young people fear that they can be not conceived. Sometimes words might sound strange and youths might tease. They don’t understand that we all are similar. Once you were laughed you will never open your heart again for that person and for others…You try to protect your self. But it is wonderful that if you show good-fellowship so you get the same.
Do you know, that youths who looks strong, actually are weak and sensitive in their hearts? They want to be invulnerable. Do you know that youths who always protect others, actually they want to be protected. Protecting others is like words: “I also want to be protected…” Do you know, that the most difficult to say: “I love you”, “for give me”, and “help me”. The reason is that young people afraid to be outcast with his/her feelings. It is unpleasant to admit you need help. Do you know that youths who wear red clothes are self-confidence. Do you know that youths who wear black clothes, want to be unnoticed and they are waiting for your support and understanding. Do you know that if you help to someone the good will be back twice. It is hard to do firsts steps. But it is always pleasing to requite with goodness. Do you know that for youths it is easer to write about their feelings than to talk about them.
Young people live very difficult life. They have to be strong and brave if they want to seek something in their lives. Having friends is also complicated and pressuring thing. They just finding friends, they don’t know if they can trust them. And this fact confuse. Only after long years you can say who is your friend. Youths are trying to find them self and are learning to accept others the way they are.


Meras said...

hiu, long story :)

Mildaite said...

this story is not long :/ or long? :/

Pelene said...

a lot of pieces of truth here

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!
I think that I can say that I agree with Mildaite to some extent. What I say is that we have to be ourselves, nothing more. If you want to do something and you are convinced that its what you want really, so do it and don´t think about what the others can comment. If you want to objectify/externalise your sentiments, do it: it´s a feeling inequal, try it, don´t hesitate, its normal and naturalness,... etc. They say en Spain: "HABLANDO, SE ENTIENDE LA GENTE". Communication: vertical, horizontal, visual, with signs, gestures, eyes, touch, ... etc. More you communicate, more you know the other. More you know the other, more you'll enjoy to communicate and to be yourself. BE HUMAN!