Friday, February 23, 2007


What do you think, maybe it is enough of this winter? Somewhy I think that it is time for warn spring. Specially that we already had a day for winter to go away:)

Here is some nice picture to think about spring, take a look at it:

This picture was taken by ichigiku, I hope she wouldn't mind for posting it here:)


Mildaite said...

yes, it is enough of winter!! :))

Anonymous said...

atenttion!! atenttion please!
i'm looking for people who likes winter!
i meet people who like summer, but no people who like winter.
I like winter, but it should be with snow, with -5 or sometimes -10 cold, with sun. no wet, as it is now:/
everything should be on time. winter should come on december and not in the end of january. spring should come in march.
but now..
i want spring to come in the middle of march:)


p.s. mere, I don't mind about the photo;)

Meras said...

Well, I think it is possible to like winter if it such as you have mentioned :)

Meras said...

I'm glad that you don't mind about the photo :)