Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let's talk a bit about online video.
Hulu, an online video service, announced the public launch of its Web site,, that was yesterday.
As it is said in Hulu's press release, consumers in the U.S. can go to to watch a large selection of hit TV shows, movies, clips and more in high-quality – anytime, for free. In addition, Hulu announced new content partnerships with the Warner Bros. Television Group, Lionsgate, NBA, NHL and more than 20 other top content providers. New content additions to Hulu’s library will include: feature films like The Usual Suspects and Ice Age, shows like Dirt, The Incredible Hulk, Babylon 5, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and The Dick Van Dyke Show, nightly highlights, top plays and full-length games from the NBA and the NHL, popular made for web programming such as Prom Queen and Onion News Network, and much more.
This sounds quite greate, but there is one "but", it is said that this is for the U.S. consumers. I have tried to watch a TV show "Nanny and the Professor" and I got the message "Unfortunately this video is not curently available in your country or region. We apologize for the inconvenience." So this is not available in Europe.
At first look seems to be quite not bad site. Is there something like that in Europe?:)

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