Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog reading and working

There is quite an interesting article in Readwriteweb. It’s about reading blogs at work. After this sentence there might be some thoughts that if you're not reading blogs at work, you may not be doing your job as well as you could be.

If someone reads blogs at work might also depend and from ones field.

Three advantages of reading blogs on the job:

Staying Up to the latest news
blogs have a major advantage in terms of speed. Blogs write about things first and people who read blogs thus know things first. That creates what's called First Mover Advantage.

Knowing What People are Talking About
In other words: the internet lets us know more about each others' needs and thus see opportunities to fill them. Very few things are as helpful in learning about how people are doing business as the easy publishing of blogs and blog comments.

Reference Resources
According to Readwriteweb, there are many fields in which professionalism and blogging are no longer opposites.

Of course there might be lots of opinions about this. Reading blogs for work is perfectly ok as long as it relates to what you are working on. It is one of the ways of staying up with key elements. Others might say that they do not rely on blogs and information posted there.
More it is possible to read at Readwriteweb. The article gives ant some numbers about reading blogs at work in United States Of America.
I think that there is a lot of true in these three blog reading advantages. Of course there might be and conditions that makes reading more useful or not.

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