Saturday, October 11, 2008

Web trends

Some thoughts about web trends, new opportunities.

Talking about products, this week, Google said it would provide RSS feeds of search results, Yahoo updated its calendar app using Zimbra, Mozilla released Geode, Microsoft integrated its Live search into Facebook, and more.

Social media and shopping

We can see that social media is quite evolving, according readwrite, what began as a way to "hang out" with friends online has morphed into an entirely new platform for communication, information sharing, and marketing. Various organizations or businesses in other words are discovering that they have to be online and to be the best ones online. But maintaining a web presence alone isn't enough anymore. According to new research from August 2008, web retailers are now actually trying to engage that demographic segment using social media.

Top Mobile social networks

According to readwriteweb, it turns out that top mobile social networks are MySpace and Facebook. These two are popular despite all new startups for mobile devices.

Google to offer RSS feeds of search results

It seems to be true a rumor that Google will offer RSS feeds for new results in basic web search. This week Search Engine Land confirmed that Google will "soon" offer this functionality.Various web experts decided that is great news, because there's no better way to keep track of new mentions of a company, person or concept online than RSS.

Yahoo Calendar

Yahoo this week announced a closed beta of a major update to its online calendaring application, which will feature a tighter integration with Yahoo Mail and other Yahoo properties. The new calendar is based on the Zimbra platform.

Mozilla Geode

One more interesting thing from Mozilla. Geode is a Firefox add-on that understands location, enabling enriched, personalized, and localized content. According to Mozilla, geolocation information can improve the experience for mobile users. This add-on might be useful and for static users. It might help to find truly relevant information. By enabling the dynamic localization of information in the browser, Mozilla may be helping users find truly relevant information, and that, may make the Web even more valuable resource.

So as we can see almost every day we can here or see about new features, apps, trends, startups. The question might be which of them are truly valueble and creating the value for there users.?
Maybe the next week will show more interesting news, trends :)

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