Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cool views I

Some relaxing views and at the same time some puzzle. Check out these pictures. Do you think these objects are real in the picture???

Ok, I would not be killing you with headache of thinking what is there. Some of the picture's objects, for example, in this one the bottle is drawn with chalk on the sideway. Looks like very realistic I woud say.

Here is another one:

If you enjoyed these pictures there might be cuntinue...


Pelene said...

it's really impressive:)

have you tried yourself to do something like that?

Meras said...

No I haven't. It seems to be quite tricky

ichigiku said...

cool pictures!
But how that bottle could be drawn with chalk if it has the shadow? maybe photoshop..

Mildaite said...

it is posible to draw shadow, but it is difficult :)