Friday, May 04, 2007

Your career

Just as the Internet is changing the way we work, communicate and even shop (this one is not for me yet), it is now changing the way we look for employment. The Web is full of resources for job hunters and career planners, as well as new ways to track down and apply for jobs. And not just that. There is lots of new ways to work even from home because of the same internet.

The growth of the Internet industry over the last decade has brought with it some new job titles. If you are interested in working in the Internet industry, here are some I guess not bad web sites to visit, consider some thoughts about that.

For example, if you are interested in having like your own business, one of the possible oppurtunities is to start your web page or blog. If you have one, you can develop, promote it and get some revenue from this activity not just money, for example you could build a social network witch is connected with you blog or web page.

Recently I have found one quite interesting blog about Career Ramblings. It is mostly associated with Career Development .

Here you can see the picture of it.

It is possible to find here quite usefull information, for example how to start your own business. Many people dream about starting their own business. Probaply the most important thing is how serious you are thinking and doing it. Short quotation:

Starting With Your Idea. This includes thinking of and expanding your initial idea, naming your business, finding a location, and writing a business plan. Business cards are also a must in order to gain credibility.

I guess this is the basic step needed. There are and meny others as well importat as this one. You could find and more other import ramblings about that.

If you already have kind your online business or not necessary that, you could find there how to bring it to another level.

If you are interested:
Career Development


Mildaite said...

:) Meras, are you going to strat your own business? :)

Meras said...

there is no need to understand everything in direct meening..

Mildaite said...

;-) I know that :)