Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How not to be lazy?

This afternoon I was sitting and thinking "what can I do today? hmmm... I want to read one book till the end, but... hmmm I have to strat preparing for exams, but...hmmm I want to paint my nails, but... hmmm I ... I don't know what to choos... hmmm... something wrong...hmmm .... ! ups... I am lazy.. ...". But it is not so bad, because my mood is good :) so I decided to ask my friends what to do and stop that laziness. And :-D one of them suggested to take some drugs. It was just a joke, because no one of them is not using and have never tried. Other sed "smoke grass" we started arguing :-D and finaly decided that drugs are evil. And grass...hmmm... :-D if we smoke grass we will be MORE lazy than before trying not to be lazy. So what I did. :) I just had my nail painted and that is all. :) If someone knows the way how not to be lazy, so please tell me. :)


Pelene said...

hm..I believe nowadays to be lazy is in vogue.

on the other hand, pretty young career or business woman, usually with a child/ children and a husband is the object of admiration. and I believe she never has time to be lazy.

so..you need to find out your ideals and to try to reach it :)

Mildaite said...

Thank you Pelene for your great advice...I would love to follow it...but it is the most difficult to find out what exactly I want from my life.. :(

ichigiku said...

i would say you have much time.. since you are first grade student, you gave to reach fourth one..
but it wouldn't be true..
it's better when you find something you are interested in much much earlier than the time you have to graduate..
good luck in searching and finding!!!
i'll pray for you