Friday, May 11, 2007

How to save energy?

is time it is about mobile phones and thier chargers. Have you ever though how often do you charge your mobile phone and how log does it take to charge it? Do you always uplug your charger from a electricity socket when the charging process is over?

Mobile phones usualy "says" when thier battery is alredy fully charged. If we unplug mobile phone from its charger, but charger it self is left still connected to the electricity socket, there might be some wasting of energy.

Nokia company is working to deal with this issue. They ar going to make mobile phones to remind thier users to unplug their chargers too. For example, they believe that they could potentially save enough energy to power some 85,000 homes every year.

There is a whloe article about that at itpro. After this and I my self thought what I am doing when my phone is charged. It seems that I always unplug and my charger from an electricity socket, and I would recommend to do it for everyone. And there is not just power saving tip, it also might be the importan factor for the successful charger "life".


Pelene said...

and maybe for the security as well? :)

Meras said...

yap security is important too...