Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 12]

Next our friend was a young solder. :) cute one. He was going home to mum for holidays. There was an eve of one national celebration so that's why we met that sciences boy and some others… So he was young and funny. He was telling about army system in Germany and about things he was doing in these days. He was warning pirates do not rob :) and he was menace with his finger. :) He was so kind and drove 30 km into direction we needed to let us in a better petrol station :) we said that it is not necessary and so on. But he just smiled “ I can’t let you here, this petrol station is weird and … no no.. not here… and I don't care it is not mine car and not mine petrol :) and my mum can wait 30 minutes more “ . Our hero :)
It was about 100 to Berlin. In this petrol station after few steps one guy came to me and started to speak in German .. ginger boy :) I smiled and asked him to say it again in English.
He was also hitchhiking. To Berlin. We said it would be nice to chat but first we wanted to buy some snacks. :) then we came out he had a companion. We four young people were sitting on a pavement and chatting, eating. We asked if they are hitchhiking together. No :) that new one was just asking for lighter :) but then he saw us eating so he joined with his sandwiches :) He was born in Russia, Siberia…but grown up in Germany…he was I guess 18 years old and wanted to become a solder :) like that one with whom we just wave off. :) Oh he was not hitchhiking so we remembered that and asked where he is going. To Berlin direction but not into it :) the guy who was hitchhiking like we said that he already spoke with him and we all can go with him. :) cool. We jumped up in a sportive car and moved. Traffic was heavy because of coming national celebration…everyone was going to the sea… but in the car we chatted like we all were a good friends. That hitchhiking boy appeared not so young :) 27 maybe… he was interesting :) he had a Russian girlfriend with whom was hitchhiking to Jerusalem. :) do you imagine German and Russian in Jewish country? :) but everything was ok. He recommended for us one music festival and wrote it name on our map also gave his facebook and phone number if maybe once we would like to come to Berlin and need a place to stay. :)
Time came to say bye bye to driver and start looking for new one. :) It was evening and almost dark…after few minutes it became dark…and it seemed that rain is coming. We took some coffee. It was sad to leave that ginger boy. :) he had bigger chances to get car first. While we were sitting and drinking coffee one guy came… new hitchhiker :) funny :) he saw our map and Fusion festival name and smiled. He said that it is really worth to come. He also left his facebook and really fast find a driver who was going to Berlin. So we left three again :) Soon and our ginger friend left. We were a bit lazy to jump around and ask people where they are going. . . .also rain was falling… so we were looking to numbers of cars… now we wanted to get into Poland. If we saw a Polish numbers so we asked these peoples… but we sit on a pavement with tablet on the ground with one cities name and PL letters. What should mean Poland . :) One young man came to us and started to speak in Polish :) ha ha .. we are not Polish :) but any way they were going to wrong direction. After some time one man passed but turned back and came to us. He asked where we are going (also in Polish) we said in English . He asked from where we are and said ok we can go with him. Lucky :) if honestly we didn't have hope to go at that night…well but… the car was new and posh…and .. in car second man… I felt not safe…I think if we shouldn’t go with them… they look like .. like from mafia . . I said it to Vilma. She think that everything is ok :) but in hitchhiking it is important to listen what your friend feels or thinks. So just in case she stepped out of the car while driver were smoking and take a look into cars numbers. We wrote it down. Car moved. We were thinking if we should write to anyone…but just in case I wrote to my brother the number of the car and time on which I will write again. It should be time then we step out of this car… That night rain was pouring heavily… but driver was going fast… we felt so asleep . . . but we tried to be awake to watch signs on road if we are going to right direction. Poznan … from Berlin to Poznan… lucky …without problems :)
But it was first time then I was not sure if we did a good decision by sitting in that car. But it was good one because we were still moving :) home were closer and closer.

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