Monday, October 22, 2007

Skype mobile phone

How often do you use skype, everyday, everyhour...?
I guess Skype is a great service. However, the biggest problem is that it’s not really a very portable service, meaning that for the most part you’ll be using it from home.
According to slasphone, that will all change later this month when Skype launches their own branded mobile handset. Skype is working in conjunction with 3 Mobile to release a handset that will have Skype’s famous service for making long - distance and international calls. The phone will also feature 3G internet service (I’d imagine you’d have to have 3G) for web browsing. You’ll still have to pay a regular monthly service fee for the phone.

As usual there is some "but", :) it is only currently slated for release in the UK, Italy, Hong Kong and Australia.

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