Sunday, November 09, 2008

Web 2.0 applications and information overload

There was the Web 2.0 summit on November 6 in San Francisco. During a speech at this summit Intel Corporation President and CEO Paul Otellini described how the Internet will continue evolving, making businesses more collaborative and competitive globally. He also highlighted how the shift to mobile internet technology will also change the way people around the world will learn, work, live and play.

Advances in Web technologies open up new possibilities for how people interact.
According to this speech, Web 2.0 might help to reduce information overload for employees. Otellini showed a visionary system that could use basic information about a new company employee - such as job description, education background and professional affiliations - that could proactively add relevant content to help the employee be more effective on the job.

Also he mentioned and mobile internet, that makes traveling and working easier. Mobile internet and mobile devices are related and with shoping, product marketing.
Otellini also demonstrated a futuristic scenario where a shopper could take a toy off a store's shelf and use a camera on a mobile device to "recognize" the package and proactively search for information to help the shopper decide whether to purchase the toy.

This one, the last futuristic scenario, I would say is quite interesting. That could be the real shift in product marketing. I wonder how long will it take to reach this level of information search.

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