Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 2]

In the morning of 13 of may we were near Krakow. Forest near the road is really good then you was let out not in petrol station but whatever :) So we got our breakfast, “bath” with some wet damp napkins. Our faces needed some refreshments after such long trip…So from here comes some advices for hitchhikers – have with you both dry and damp (best is whose for babies, I am not joking :) ) napkins. It might be useful for refreshing your face, to clean your hands then there is no water around or to clean your shoes or whatever.

Now I guess it is time to say something about polish drivers. They are friendly and always ready to help you. They even are stopping if we are showing a sing with city which is not on their way. They want to lift you though 20 km :) And if someone takes you so they will take you maximum they can and let you in not very comfortable place, because they wanted to do a good thing for you – to lift you as much as possible. :) They want to help but sometimes don’t know what is helping and what harming. So this is why we didn't crossed Germany while reaching Barcelona. You should think twice then you are going with polish driver. Other thing about polish people, they all thinks that we should or must understand their language. They think that it is similar till we start to speak in Lithuanian. :) Polish people don't like Russian, but starts to speak if can’t handle in English. But it is better never start speaking in Russian with them. But if they starts so and you can. Young polish people is a bit different…some of them knows English. Some just pretends…other don't know neither English neither Russian..but still wants to help you :) and it is still possible to communicate in signs language or two different (polish and English). Don’t refuse to sit in a car only because driver can’ t speak in language you understand. You can handle by showing a map and some signs :)

This night was a little bit alarmingly…it was uneasy to be at night in the middle of nowhere with 3 polish people. . . but in the morning we felt better and again in the road with big and heavy bags (ok ok heavy was only mine ). We spoke about what she felt and I … interesting thing that then I was calm she was nervous and conversely. So all the time there were alarm on :)
This time stopped other polish driver. This time a bit older but neat. We travel with him from Krakow near to Poland border. Despite this fact we had a nice conversation about that Poland and Lithuania were one big kingdom and that we should help each other. By the way he noticed this historical fact :) Also we were talking about natures beauty in these regions and that to live in homeland is the best. He told a bit of his life story and also asked what we are doing :) he didn’t say that we are crazy or silly to hitchhiked to Barcelona. Even smiled and said that he is finishing his job in the evening and he wishes that he could go to Barcelona as well. Oh with him we were speaking in English. Quite old person in POLAND and knows some ENGLISH !!! :) Not like other polish drivers he let us in petrol station and even helped to climb out with heavy bags.

Near the Poland and Czech Republic nature is a little bit different and roads better then in all Poland. Some mountains was in horizon, sun was shining that afternoon .And if I remember properly so it was about 24 hours in road with about 3 hours sleep :) , but we were happy to be near OUT OF POLAND :)
We took some photos of better road and started to hitchhike. Then small car stopped. First we thought that it is a woman :) but no… a bit fat longhaired man. He was first who started asking us what languages we know and where we are going…then he thought for a moment and said OK. :) First time driver was thinking to take or not to take us. Usually we are thinking to go with one or other driver. On the back seat we saw a baby chair. Vilma sat next to the driver and I went around the car to sit behind the driver and saw a broken window. We were shocked to see so many glasses everywhere… He told that last night his car was robbed and pc stolen. I and Vilma were surprised that after robbery he is taking two strangers to his car… With him we were going to Wien. Quite long distance…He was willing to talk, to know about Lithuania and us, but also willing to teach us how to live and it is time to marry and start bringing children to life, and that is too dangerous to travel like that. He let us in some petrol station because in Austria highways are too dangerous to stop. But then we didn’t know that. After small brake and conversation between just girls we went out of petrol station… (These two last pictures were taken from that broken window ) :)

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