Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 3]

:) … The highway was huge, car was not going but flying…and no wayside … We were going to better position to start hitchhiking then we were threatened by unexpected huge sound… turned around and there was a police car…Officers was telling us to go out of highway… ok ok … We came back to the petrol station.. but it was more scary then to go out of it… no we realize how it is dangerous…. Brrrr… In there we had to start asking people directly if they are going to direction of Milano or Italy at least…Long time without success. Finally one guy told that he is going to that direction, but he speaks only German. Well I had some lessons at school , but my knowledge was gone in these 3 years in university where I haven’t used it at all.. I tried to speak with him… He catch the point and I was glad and Vilma proud of me…while I was ashamed how bad I remember what I was learning for 6 years … With him we spoke not too much, because he was talking on the phone with someone. He was driving really fast… 180…holding wheel with one hand… I hoped that he knows what he is doing… Even with my bad German knowledge we managed to clear things out and stay on good way and safe in petrol station  He wished luck for us and speeded away… Here we quickly find other driver who took us also not for long distance.. but..something is better than nothing especially in the evening then rain starts  This driver was about 50 years old and cute..maybe because he looked similar to a soft toy on the window…toy was a copy of Alf. There was a film about small hairy alien. With this driver we were going through huge mountains while rains was pouring. It was unbelievably wonderful, beautiful.

We were still in Austria …rain wasn't pouring …but it was going to do so :) we were again in some petrol station/rest point for truck drivers. We went to trucks and if we saw a driver we were asking where they are going… all of them were staying for the night and one was ready to go. Young guy. Badly speaking English and a little bit strange… He was going to Milano. And took us, but wasn’t sure about taking 2 people. :) Vilma whispered to me that she thinks that he is under drugs…He was Hungarian who was going to Milano, but he will stop for sleep somewhere latter on. It was good for us. Finally someone young and speaking in English (strange English but still English)…After few moments he really took and wrapped stuff and smoked… ok… first he asked what kind of music we prefer. Rock :) Ok but after some smokes he put on some classical music and said do not speak. …he was listening to music, looking to the road…driving slowly. Outside was still raining…and every moment was pouring even more… and night was coming… He was so into music that he even played with lights of truck by the music. We were going through mountains and lot of tunnels…. That part of trip was mystical… I felt asleep… sometimes I woke up… near Venice bay…I don't have words to describe that beauty and majesty I saw… rain and cloudy sky made bigger effect. I was tired so felt asleep again. Woke up. The guy was parking his truck in some petrol station…Night. Not raining any more… He was going to sleep 10 hours and then go to Milan. We thought it is long time and we will definitely find other car. We stepped out and said if we won’t have any luck so in the morning we will come back…

The night was warm…(Maybe because that it was already Italy) really warm and rain stopped..…we walked around petrol station but no one was preparing to go. :) and all night we spend like that: one hour sleeping on bench then walking around and checking if anyone is awake and ready to go…one hour sleeping and walking around… we were lucky that the night was warm that we didn’t need sleep bags :) and actually we didn’t take them to this trip :) we were sleeping just like that on benches :) in the morning we had to come back to our friend :)

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