Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hitchhiking from Kaunas to Barcelona and back to Riga – 12 days story [part 4]

It was nice, warm morning (14 of may). :) We even could sunbath our white faces and hands :) while our guy took shower. Oh by the way in Italy in these petrol station with big parking area for truck, toilets contains and shower – two in one. :) and for free :) so we were going again with this boy. He looked like a boy but was 28 :) and maybe after 30min…in a highway his truck brake down… and we had to leave him. I was scared to go out of car… actually at home in the city I am afraid to cross bigger street not in pedestrian :) and now to stand in a highway…. But after 3 min stopped one Chinese with van. He had a small boy… but he took as :) he couldn't speak English at all.. he tried to speak Spanish but my Spanish is even more worse than German. :) He took us a little out of Milano and left in petrol station… There we spend a bit of time. But weather was good and finally two nice men took us. One was young and other was a bit older. Two farmers. So kind and talkative. They took as to Torino .. They were in Milano because of some business meeting but it went not like they expected . SO the good job of that day was to help for us :) Young guy was trying to remember English. :) It was lovely to watch them trying to say what they wanted :) cute. They told some stories about local places…They discussed for a while and let us in other better way. :) They left us not before city but after.. so all stopping or passing cars would go to right direction.

The weather wasn’t so perfect like before some hours. Rain wanted to start. We went to truck parking place and second driver took us. He was French . Was looking not very nice, but time showed that first impression might be wrong. I don't remember till where we were going with him but about 100 km or more.. direction Lion…but we didn't reached it..

He was interesting. Told about his family, because we noticed some photos in the car and asked. Latter then Vilma was sleeping he asked if I don't mind and put some techno music :) some of songs I had and liked :) But time came and he had to stop for night. He told that if we want, if we are tired and want to stay we can… in that truck he has two beds so there is no problem … if no one stop or it will be cold that we can come back at any time and nock on his door. It is really pleasant then someone cares about you… and .. really we both (I and Vilma) always will remember drivers like this and wish them luck whatever they would be at the moment….Even at night …while rain…in the middle of nowhere you are feeling good. :) We spend quite long time in there… not so many people and all of them were going different direction… one man told as to go to other side of highway and there will be more people who is going to Spain. Third night on the road… Rain… dark.. Ok but we need to move. So we look around and noticed a bridge for pedestrian to cross the highway… We reached it and… doors was locked… shit…we need do go through highway … It was a little bit scary… I was scared that car can hit me and Vilma was scared that between road can be a pit .. like in mountains.. in Austria.. So we held hand in hand and ran to the dividing wall. It was a bit high…and wet… but no pit :) we climb and ran again. Such a relief…. There was less people then in other side :) but one man took us… not far but to better position and gave a map which neither I neither Vilma understand :) …It was quite late night… France… but people friendly and speaking good in English…half of them were coming to us to ask how can they help us and where we are traveling. :) We had I new map . and again somewhere… actually it was near Lion but not … and we needed a direction of Spain… no cars at all… and rain… but two guys came in (petrol station cafe) . They were going right direction but only about 50 km… We asked if they could take us …they said ok.. We went out…They were going with small and really old car…first our impression like “where is back seat?” . Instead of it there were a lot of stuff for gardening. :) They did something ant wuolia! There IS a back seat but still with a lot of stuff… We sit somehow. Between me and Vilma was a basket , near my head stick out a stem of rakes. :) And it looks like car will break down at any moment :) but it did not:) we safely reached other petrol station.

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